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IE Application / Express Yourself

Question F.

Yannick Louppe

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of IE Application / Express Yourself

1 1. An analysis of the question in order to identify its main issues A) The different parts of the question "You have just participated in an important meeting": this part of the question suggests that the successful completion of the instructions that were given to me is very important and can play a decisive role in the life of the company (economic, relational, political, ethical, ...) What are my responsibilities? B) My main issues 2. A conceptual approach to the question 2 3 3. Practical approaches to the question Thank You
for watching! Yannick Louppe 2. Conceptual Approach Transmission Task
Organization Monitoring
with a reliable medium
(other than human brain)
make sure to know all the executions constraints (time, priority)
to be achieved
their priority
the execution of the tasks
after having identified
the people
(employees, customers ...)
involved in their
achievement and their availability.
when scheduling,
to take into account
the different time zones
to avoid unpleasant surprises that could cause
delays in the execution
of the instructions. record the instructions schedule do not forget, define the tasks choose
the most suitable
mode of
transmission It has to be

(good reception of the instruction) efficient and also permit to save time It could depend on the

(use of language subtleties, ...) interlocutor instruction and also on the

(request, information, ...) em@il forums,
social networks,
RSS, newsletter, ... meetings video conferences fax calls


messaging (registered) LETTERS Often, several methods should be used
in order to:

integrate a human dimension,
keep written records
and improve the transmission process For example : make regular contacts

establish an Action Plan

ask for a regular reporting ensure that the instruction has been received and understood of my own work and completed tasks
to stay organized whatever the initial mode of transmission is, we must obtain of the interlocutor a verbal or written response indicating that he or she has received and understood the instruction. request a response to an e-mail containing an instruction For example: monitor the evolution in the execution of instructions: Keep tracks 3. Practical approaches The company has adequate computing solutions (communication, collaborative work) First Case: Clever and efficient use of these solutions which should contain: Databases (contacts, tasks, …)

A dashboard (schedules, task follow-up, reminders, useful links, ...)

A collaborative work system (task management, objectives, reporting system, ...) inadequate solution (SME, merged company ...) Second Case: Based on identified needs, constraints and objectives of the company Opt for the use or development of IT solutions:
an information system
a CRM (Customer relationship management)
example: Salesforce, SugarCRM, Zoho …
a corporate social network, with functions which help to share insformations and communicate (walls, ...) Short-term solution for SMEs (Small and medium enterprises) Use of a free and immediately available services google solutions for example: boomerang can send a reminder if nobody replies to an email within a specific time frame, which can help to follow up a correspondence CRM add- ons Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Hangouts … Name: Yannick Louppe Program requested: Express Yourself
question: F. You have just participated in an important meeting with your superior. How will you ensure that every part of the instructions you received will properly reach all subordinates, suppliers and clients, located in different parts of the world? Master in Finance Presentation with Form of human
expression: Let's GO! "Ensure that every part of the instructions you received will properly reach":
Goal responsibilities → organization "Subordinates, suppliers and clients": Different interlocutors → different approaches "Located in different parts of the world": Additional constraints → language, time zones collect all the instructions without missing any parts transmit instructions from my superior to subordinates, suppliers and clients make sure that they have been transmitted / understood check / verify that the instructions are applied retrieve the necessary information about the achievement of instructions and give feedbacks concerning the instructions to my superior if necessary or requested (contact, follow up) What I have to do to achieve my goals? Organize my tasks while taking into account the various constraints more complex tasks: some instructions may not be directly transmitted by myself: my task will be to make sure that the relevant person or departments do so.
(with the same methodology as for other tasks) international relations in a language that I do not master
mass communication made by a communication service
etc. Examples:
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