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What do you do?

No description

Jessica Kesler

on 17 November 2014

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Transcript of What do you do?

What do you do?
Creating a culture of safety
Professional Boundaries

Lateral Violence

Obligation to Report, Whistleblowing, and Creating a Culture of Safety
Follow chain of command first
Is this an issue of immediate patient safety?
Qui tam $$$
Documentation, documentation
Plan for the worst :(
There's something funny going on...
Professional Boundaries:
Take a closer look...
Incident Reports
Patient/family complaints
Medication errors
IV site issues
Patient or client injury (falls!)
Unanticipated patient death
Medical equipment issues

Incident reporting
Who sees it?
What's the point?
Obligation to report
Board of Nursing
Nurse Practice Act
Code of Ethics
Obligation to Report
Sexual Misconduct
Prescription issues
Criminal charges
Drug abuse
Impairment on duty
Drug diversion
Positive drug screen
Lateral Violence
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