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Business Analysis

No description

Andreas Martin Friedrich

on 12 March 2017

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Transcript of Business Analysis

Business Analysis
Group Members:
Andreas Martin Friedrich 01480084
Iris 99400191
Joyce 01131604
Thaddeus 01420814
Viona 01480146

Content Table
1. Basics About the Business

2. Evaluation of the Business Case.
Product. What makes it special?What is the goal? Who is the Target Costumer?
Location. Why? Pro's & Con's
Pricing Strategy
Advertisement and PR
3. Programs Offered

4. Possible Improvements
2.1 Product: What make it special?
2.1 Product: What is the goal?
2.1 Product: Who is the target consumer?
2.4 Advertisement & PR
1. Art gallery

2. Special decoration

3. Natural Food & Drinks

4. Full of culture
The owners want to make their Cafe a
Local Art and Culture Community Center.
Students: Junior, Senior high..
Middle aged, older than 30 years old
They use different exhibitions to attract customers.

People already reserved to exhibit their works for the next
Advertisement & PR
They dont only promote themselves, but also promote other communities and special vendors or shops in Taoyuan county.
This café shop cooperates with
“comma books”
“Tao-zhi-yuan cultural association”
“ Show Troupe”
and other
, etc.

They work together to publish a local publication to promote Taoyuan.
2.2 Location
Full of custom
Affordable Price
Old district atmosphere


Lack of funds
Avoid noisiness from downtown

Has 180 years of history
Located near Jing Fu Temple
Known as the "Taoyuan First Street"
Total length of about 265 meters

Less Popularity
Far from downtown
Hard to find the address


Both owners are local.
Want to run their business in hometown
Desire to promote and protect local cultures.

Why this location?

The light dance with shadow:Literature-Drink Shop
Mon: 13:00 - 21:00
Wen - Thu: 13:00 - 21:00
Fri - Sun: 12:00 - 22:00

Closed on Tuesday!
3. Programs Offered
"Taoyuan Street review"
the Japanese colonial building Manuscript Exhibition and old photo collection
Exhibition opening :
13:00 to 21:00 (closed Tuesdays)
Exhibition period:
Aug. 21 - Oct. 5
The exhibition: Lan Bo Han
Activity 1:
They provide a "Polaroid camera" and "film for 300 shots" for free.

Availability: January 9 - February 3

Participants can get their photos within 2 weeks after the end of the exhibition. And after receiving your photos, all drinks are discounted by $10!
Chocolate Brownie
Sausage Waffle
Marshmallow Chocolate
Fruit tea
Sausage Pizza
Hsin-Min meal
Fried Bread Stick
Barley Sugar & Tea
Egg Cake
Toffee Coffee
Just a kind of coffee. Just make it simple. Just do what you want.
Local publication
Edit team
Art design
Publish date
Taiwanese crispy rice
4. Possible Improvements
Bilingual menu
Marketing: keep small but known
Cooperation with similar cafes in other cities
Activity 2:
How to get a small prayer card?

This activity was free to all at the exhibit, so no one needed to purchase a coffee to join the prayer card activity.
The light dance with shadow:Literature-Drink Shop
Hsin-Min Street
Participants get small prayer cards at the exhibit "Meet ." They each wrote down events that they hoped or looked forward to in 2013.
Note of Thanks
To the owners of the café
Increase Culture awareness in Taiwan
Earn respect and admiration
1. Basics
1. Basics
2. Evaluation of Business Case
2.3 Pricing Strategy
The average drinks price is around 120
The average meals price is around 150
The price of set is between 150-220
The net profit is around 40%
They spend most money on the local publication and promotion of the local community.
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