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Geeks Without Bounds

No description

Willow Brugh

on 31 January 2017

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Transcript of Geeks Without Bounds

An Accelerator for Humanitarian Projects
Training the Users
Field Testing
Building a Market Presence
What use is a tool if it's not deployed?

GWOB gives active response organizations a central source for a myriad of tested and supported tools
Supporting yourself through Good Deeds.

It's important that the work being done is valued in such a way that developers can support themselves. It's equally important that the customer base be respected and supported.
A long standing issue with Digital Humanitarian response is a lack of consistency and support.

In this model, a known structure is provided for further support : response teams know who to ask, and it is worth the developers' time.
products are sold

teams are hired

start business
Tool taken into the field, connections made during incubation time put to use in propagation
for-profit: set up
fiscal sponsor within TSF
find another agency or form c3
24-hour contests that engage diverse communities to create real solutions
Open Sourcing
Tools and solutions, having had a private run, become open source.

All community members can share in benefits, and the creators have built their reputations.
Events show introductory video at their location, encourage teams to apply.

Teams submit a short video and project overview to gwob.org/rhok

GWOB Advisory board review applicants.

3 teams and 1 back up are invited to the accelerator
GWOB operates as a non-profit - low consumption, high impact. Investments in the organization are directed towards long-term sustainability.
Long-term Sustainability
1 in 20 businesses sustain
if we do 4-6 teams per round
it will take 2-3 years before we see a return,
4-5 years before real returns sustain the program,
7-8 years before program is entirely self-sustaining
2. Benefits of innovation and collaborative work styles not prevelant in traditional response
2-3 years = first return
7-8 years = self-sustaining
4. Integration and propagation of worthwhile ideas and tools into the global community
3. Endorsement of functional, relevant projects for organizations with no room for error
1. Disconnect between Digital Humanitarians and those they wish to help
acceleration / business model
Meet with Investors, Partners, Organizations, etc
Business Development and Legal Container Formation
Business Development and Pitch Refinement
Field experience, relevance, and Connection to Existing Orgs
Technical Development, Security, and Human Rights
1st month
2nd month
3rd month
4th month
5th month
6th month
development process
We're just wrapping up our first prototype run.
A bi-yearly summit pulls in mentors, new teams, and graduates into the same geographic location to share ideas and experiences
In the future, we'd like to give teams stipends so they can focus on their work.
Supporting GWOB.org is a great way to get visibility being connected to a social cause using technology, and the talent that gets involved.
We have collected our favorite projects onto GWOB.org/projectswelike Each provides a point of contact, what needs they have and a code repository.
Developer Partnership.
Allows our accelerator teams to focus on their projects during development, before it is released as a product. Bounties associated with ethos, platforms, and milestones guide the teams towards success.
Accelerator Partnership
Global Partnership
GWOB is growing quickly and supports staff, events, team and program incidentals. By joining us as a global sponsor of Geeks Without Bounds, you will enjoy the highest partner visibility and be instantly plugged into the cutting edge of responsible digital humanitarian efforts and summits.
It is of course also totally possible to contribute and support on multiple fronts.
High time commitment on your org, light on GWOB. No monetary exchange.
Mid time commitment on your org,
mid on GWOB.
5, 10, and 20k monetary commitment.
No time commitment for your org,
high for GWOB.
25, 50, and 100k monetary commitment.
All of your donations (both in-kind and monetary) are tax deductible via our fiscal sponsorship with
Event Sponsorship
Local Partnership
Getting the teams out into the field, with time to sprint through aspects of their development means more cohesive projects and more integration into the global community.
Opt-in time commitment for your org,
high for GWOB.
Negotiable monetary commitment.
Our accelerator is done virtually, meaning teams need local connections and places to work in their locale. Provide them with community and a desk.
High time commitment on your org,
low on GWOB.
No monetary exchange.
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