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Media: 3 Different Types of Media Techniques

No description

Wanning Lee

on 9 September 2014

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Transcript of Media: 3 Different Types of Media Techniques

#1 Advertisement

Can is made out of aluminum.

Nails are not strong enough to cut open the can.

We do not have that much calcium in/on our nails.

-Stretching the truth about the product.
-To make it more appealing.

#2 Advertisement
Appeal to Emotions
-Persuades targeted audiences by making them feel sympathy for the ad.
Media: 3 Different Types of Media Techniques
Nivea Calcium Power Nail Polish

3 Different Types of Persuasive Techniques
Appeal to Emotions
Celebrity Endorsement
In reality...
#1 Advertisement

Nails are strong enough to cut open a aluminum can.

In the ad...
That's Abortion

A sad African American child is used.

Portraying how people should not abort.

Many adults will feel sympathy and sorry for their actions.

More people will be aware of this issue.

In the ad...
#2 Advertisement
Car Accidents
A loving child is shown.

A side of her face is damaged (unruly hair and unpleasant facial expression) and the other isn't.

Right side of her face makes audiences feel terrible/guilty for injuring an innocent child.

The slogan of the advertisement tells drivers to drive slow.

In the ad...

The length of the Snickers won't be able to poke out of your head.

Can cause death.

In reality...
In the ad...
50% Extra Snickers
Snickers is two times longer than usual ones.

It's length is over exaggarated. (fits till the throat)

Poking out of his neck.
-Celebrities as marketing strategies.
-Persuades people to buy products by well-known individuals' names.
Celebrity Endorsement
#1 Advertisement
All Natural Popchips

Katy Perry, an American singer & Actress
promotes the brand new product.

Her costume relates to the product that she is promoting. (Fake teeth)

She is a representation of the product.

In the ad...
#2 Advertisement
Blake Lively, an American actress, model promotes the brand new chanel bags.

She is a representation of the product.

She, herself is holding the product.
-She is showing that she actually is familiar with the product and it's able to convince audiences to buy the product. (Based on trust)

Very effective because she is holding onto the product herself.

In the ad...
By Wan Ning & Alexander G
Thank You
for Your Attention :)
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