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All about me

No description

Joshua Narciso

on 15 September 2012

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Transcript of All about me

All about me. Hi! My name is Joshua Ray Narciso. I was born on March 20, 1999. at North York General Hospital in Canada. When I was younger I used to live in Toronto, but now I live in a city called Wood bridge. The first elementary school I've been to was R.J Lang. Then I transferred to another school called St.Pascal Baylon where i received my first communion and had my first confession. I transferred to this school because my family and I moved houses in Richmond Hill. Finally iI transferred to another school called St.Mary of the Angels where I will be confirmed and graduate to high school. My family and I have a tradition which is going to Church every Sunday, and after we would eat and dine. As a catholic we honor, respect, and follow God's 10 commandments, we also participate and receive Holy Sacraments from Baptism until Sacrament of the last rites. (death).
In my family it is me, my older sister Nicole, my little brother Jason, my mother, and my father. But since my parents separated it is now me, my stepbrother Symon, my half sister Sophia, my father, and my stepmother. I am a Filipino Canadian, middle child of the Narciso clan. My role model is my Grandfather on my fathers side who was a high ranking officer in the army in the Philippines. My ancestors were mostly soldiers, medical, and military nurses. One of the hobbies i have are playing basketball. I started playing basketball when i was 4 years old. The reasons why basketball is my favorite sport is because first of all that was my first sport I ever tried and I thought it was really fun. Second of all I like basketball because it was easy to learn, it makes you active, it makes you think, and it is a team sport.Another hobbie I have is playing video games and watching television. My favorite video game is Mw2 on X-box.Mw2 is my favorite video game because it is about strategies, it is a violent video game, because you kill other people when you play online, and of course because its fun. When I am finish my grade 8 years and graduate from elementary school to high school my goal and hope is to be in the honoral list. My other goal is to get the math award of the year because math is my favorite subject and its the subject I do best in. Another award I hope to get is the athlete of the year award because i love sports. The last thing I hope to accomplish in my grade 8 years is to become a successful, and better person. And by that I mean to be more responsible, learn a lot, and being smart by grade 8 is over. These are the things I hope to accomplish in my grade 8 years. The funniest thing that ever happened to me was in the summer. I, my cousins and their friends were walking outside of Canada's Wonderland because Wonderland just closed, and we were looking for a fast food restaurant. While we were looking for a restaurant my cousins friend took a glance behind us and notice a drunk guy was following us. So I, my cousins, and their friends walked a bit faster to get rid of him. But suddenly he screamed 'GET OVER HERE!' So me, my cousins, and their friends sprinted faster than Usain Bolt and tried looking for a fast food restaurant. We then find Tim Horton's and make our way inside. As soon as we enter the Tim Horton's the man said 'Wait, one of you dropped your keys on the floor. Whose is it?' After my cousin reclaimed his house keys, all of us laughed and then the man made his way out. Thank you for listening and have a great day. By: Joshua Narciso Thank you for listening to my presentation, and have a nice day. By: Joshua Narciso
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