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No description

Miles Ridley

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of SEN GREEN PAPER

3 elements of funding
Pre - 16 mainstream Place led funding
Element 1
Core education funding - mainstream per-pupil funding (AWPU)
Element 2
Additional support funding
Base funding provided on basis of planned places
Pupil led funding
Element 3
"Top up" funding to meet needs of individual pupil What......? Pre-16 mainstream with no Base Units

1 & 2 Providers continue to get clearly identified SEN funding as part of delegated budget from LAs or EFA for Academies). So....
School A receives per pupil funding (AWPU) £4,500. Contribution mainstream setting expected to make = £10,500 (AWPU+£6,000).
School B receives £3,000 AWPU. Contribution would be £9,000

3 Top up funding provided by commisioning LA. Mainstream with Specialist SEN settings 1 & 2
Designated "place" set aside for pupils with high SEND.
Base funding of £10,000 from LA or EFA
for agreed number of planned places.

Top Up funding What Govt say... EHC Plans - reviewed regularly & same statutory protection as Statement.
Most disabilities identified at birth or up to 2.5 through expanded Health Visiting Service
QTS standards - stronger focus on SEND
SA and SA+ replaced - single school based SEND.
Focus on outcomes rather than processes
Review category of BESD
New SEN CoP - shorter and clearer.
Improve RoL performance indicators - P Scales What else...? Reduce bureaucracy
Role, training and organisation of specialist services, including EP and SaLT still under consultation.
Governor SEN training.
Focus of incorporating successes of Achievement for All project.

1+ year SENCo experience prior to Sept 2009
3 years to complete course SEPTEMBER 2014
Single assessment
Statements replaced by EHC Plans
"local offers" for CYP to be published
0 to 25 years
Primary & Secondary Maintained, Academies, Free Schools, FE and Sixth Form Colleges
£8,000 per agreed number of places.
Number of places reviewed every 2 years SEN
SEND vs underachievement?
accuracy of identification?
staff understanding of SEND?
implications and interventions?
impact of interventions?
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