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Soar High School

No description

Vivian Hidalgo

on 17 February 2013

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Transcript of Soar High School

Soar Students One of my interests
Student Health Services Why do I want to go to Soar? Theme Who Invented Soar? Soar Students Clubs at Soar Average Students Where is Soar located? How Soar Works SOAR What does SOAR stand for? Soar is located on the "Antelope Valley College" Campus. Students will do four years of High School
and two years of college at the same time.
Each student will meet with counseling staff
and work on college career planning. Students will be immersed in the college culture and be treated as college students with respect to the student engagement activities. Mr. Dutton made the Soar High School Program happen. He is the one who gave us the opportunity to be able to do high school and college at the same time. Mr. Dutton is the principal of both Soar High School and Soar Prep Academy. The cost for Student Health Service is 19 dollars per fall and spring semester and 16 dollars per intersession and summer session. The Student Health Service Fee provides access to physical, mental, dental ,and health education services to Antelope Valley students. I want to go to Soar because it is an amazing
opportunity. I want to be academically prepared to succeed at a four year university level. Soar is amazing, everything about it interest me. It's an amazing opportunity. I am willing to do anything in order to get accepted. Soar High School By: Vivian Hidalgo

February 13,2013 Students
Rise Soar High is part of the Antelope Valley Joint Union High School District With an emphathis on math,science,and engineering,soar
prepares students for more advanced college courses
and ultimately a successful future. Average Students who have high potential but are low performing in the traditional educational system and who have not begun high school are encouraged to apply! :) Soar offers many clubs for example they have College Wide Activities, Performing Arts, and a School Organization Participation Program. Academics The Antelope Valley College is dedicated to provide educational programs and services as expressed in the California Master Plan for High Education, that is why Soar is located on the Antelope Valley College Table Of Contents SOAR Meaning

The location


How it works

SOAR Students


Who invented SOAR? Academics

One of my interests

Why I want to go

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