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No description

Dario papa- vicente

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Privacy

Side B in the end so in the end people aren't willing to give up their own privacy to gain knowledge about some else's privacy. people say they don't have nothing to hide but yet we all have secrets PRIVACY To get our own privacy is like an agreement with the government you get your privacy we get ours. i understand the risks in this but i believe that people don't care about these risks. they would rather live with these risks and keep their privacy and not worry about some thing they never knew existed and that has nothing to do with them most of them. Resolution Side A Conflict Transparency vs. Privacy Transparency vs. Privacy transparency vs. Privacy Privacy Which one would you prefer I'm neither for or against the motion transparency than to support more privacy because to me no other person has the right to know some else business with out their permission. but at the same time people should have the right to know information about where their tax dollars are going. To get privacy its like a trade off you get your privacy and we get our privacy no question about what we do and how we do it. theirs many risk in this i understand that. But i think that people know theses risks but they don't care and i believe that people would rather have their own privacy and rather not know about some thing that they never new existed and it has nothing to do with them while other people they don't even know knows every thing about them and knows what their doing at all times. Transparency vs. Privacy Transparency But at the same time i think People should have the right to know where their tax dollars are going. its their money that they work for. they want to know if its being put to good use. cuz if not, there's lots of other problems they could use it for. Which Side Are You On
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