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East Africa

No description

G Smith

on 1 May 2010

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Transcript of East Africa

East Africa by Emily & Garrett Traditional People Popular Culture Physical Geography Landforms Climate Location Government 1. Who are they? People from Europe, Africa, India, and China. There are many different tribes and ethnic groups in East Africa. The Kikuyu ethnic group has ruled the country since 1963. The men rule the women. 2. What are they like? People usually have a tribal tongue as well as Swahili as their secondary language. Hindus, Christians, Muslims, and Buddhists celebrate one another's religious holidays. Those who have moved away from villages work in banking, trade, and tourism. 3. Are they having issues surviving in the modern world? Africa is a poor continent. There are many starving families. They have to work hard to get drinking water and food. They are struggling everyday. Villages must keep moving from one area to another. This is because rain is scattered and they must follow the rain if they want to get water. Women are typically the ones who pack up the villages' supplies and food. The Gabbra village moves about ten times every year. 1. What are these countries like today? African culture has always placed emphasis on personal appearance. Jewelry is an important accessory. People of Africa usually like to do arts and crafts including sculptures, paintings, pottery, woodcarvings, and brass and leather artworks. Africa also has many myths and folktales that are passed down to generations. Life in villages is important. How people live in villages varies depending on climate. In a dry climate, cattle are raised and herded. In a wet climate, farmers tend crops and keep livestock. 2. Would you like to visit this area today? We both would definitely like to visit East Africa. We want to be able to see and experiance for ourselves all the hard work that African people must face everyday. Their lives are much tougher than ours. They have to work very hard just to get drinking water that isn't even clean! If we could visit Africa today, we would go to help people out and try to bring as much stuff for them as possible. We think that everyone should pitch in and help them because if we were in their situation, we would want help, too. Sudan
Countries Landforms Great Rift Valley
Mount Kenya
Mount Lilimaniaro
Lake Victoria
Lake Taganyika
Lake Malawi
Lake Volta
Lake Chad
White Nile River
Blue Nile River
Some of Nile River Climates
Tropical Savanna
Tropical Rain Forest
Undifferentiated Highlands Are the Govenments Effective? The Govenment of East Asia is affective only in certain Countries. For example In Ethiopia, Somalia, Critrea and Sadan there is extreamly horibble Etnic Violence, and Warefare. Also the Civil War in Uganda led to several dictatorships. Ex. Indi Amin came to power in 1971. He expelled more than 50,000 skilled Asian Workers and tried to rid Uganda of any opposition. In 1979, Amin was driven from power. In 1996, Uganda held it's first election in 16 years. For decades, strong leaders in Kenya and Tanzania have brought stability to these countries. Ex. Jomo Kenyatta led Kenya's independence movment. Then he ruled Kenya for years. In 1992Kenya held it's first multiparty election. In Tanzania, Julius Nyerere led the country from it's independence in 1961 until 1985, when he stepped down. Nyerere helped build build loyalty to the nation and united it's people. World leaders respected Tanzania for it's peaceful changes in govenment. Tanzania held it's third peacful multiparty elections in 2005. References "A Journey Through Africa, Asia, and the Pacific Realm" published by Gibbs Smith, Salt Lake City, 2008. "People and Cultures of Africa, Nations and Personalities" written by Derek Hall, published by Chelsea House Publishers, New York city, 2006. Picture Picture Picture 1. What types of Government? Sudan- Republic
Eritra- One-Party State
Djibouti- Multiparty Republic
Ethiopia-Federal Multiparty Republic
Somalia- Transitional, Parliamentary Federal Federal Government
Kenya- Multiparty Republic
Malawi- Muliparty Democracy
Rwanda- Rpublic
Picture Location 100 N, 38 00 E
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