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Hope Haven

No description

Asia Veal

on 5 June 2012

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Transcript of Hope Haven

Since 1995, Hope Haven has provided assistance to children and families across the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Our Mission has changed over the years...
We began as an organization that operated an emergency shelter for abused and neglected children. Today, we do much more and tomorrow... we will do what needs to be done to help children. From the beginnining the Motto of Hope Haven has been... "When you help a child today, you write the history of tomorrow!" Since forming, Hope Haven has raised over $7 million to provide desperately needed shelter and services for children and families in peril along the Mississippi Gulf Coast and as far inland as Stone and Pearl River County. We have sheltered over 3,000 children removed from their homes due to physical or sexual abuse, severe neglect or abandonment. PROGRAMS: Foster parenting assistance
Scholarships to foster children Court Appointed Special Advocates CASA volunteers receive 30 hours of training and are appointed by the youth court judge. They stand up for these children and change their lives. They represent the child's interest in court... speaking up on their behalf not their parents Helping Hands started in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and has become one of our most important mission areas.
The program focuses on helping families in crisis who have children under 18 in the home.
Our assistance may include help with overdue electric bills or rent, purchasing car seats or school uniforms, beds for children, medicines, gas to get to work and more.
One of our major goals is to help families stay together and keep children from being taken into custody by the State solely due to economic reasons.
Each case is handled based on that situation Shelter Home Program Hope Haven, in partnership with the Homes of Hope is creating a shelter complex for abused and neglected children. The Hope Haven Cottage for Girls opened in May 2011 and shelters up to 8 girls. The boys cottage shelters an additional 8 boys. We call them cottages but they are almost 7,000 square foot brick homes that are modern and child friendly in every sense. "THE HOPE HAVEN COTTAGE FOR GIRLS" opened May 22, 2011 Foster Care YMCA Adolescent Opportunity Program
This program is designed for adolescents who are experiencing difficulty complying with rules, social norms, or directions or who are having difficulty getting along with others at home, school and in the community. This program serves adolescents from ages twelve to seventeen that have committed offenses such as shoplifting, burglary, assault or robbery. The adolescents come into the program because they are at high-risk for being a repeat Opportunity. This program's intent is to prevent placement of these adolescents into the State Training Schools. All participants of this program are on probation or parole for six to twelve months and must obey all conditions of Court supervision, including program rules and regulations.

The mission is to safely divert adolescents from any further involvement with the Youth Court System. The AOP will teach and encourage youths to become more responsible and productive citizens in their community. They will learn that they have choices and that there are consequences, both good and bad, based on the decisions they make. Youths will learn new ways to handle everyday problems more effectively, how to develop and maintain meaningful relationships and how to feel better about themselves. Hopefully, they will learn about themselves and the person they want to become. Forensic Interview Program We employ a full time licensed interviewer to work with children who have been sexually molested or physically abused. Our special interview room has hidden cameras and microphones. The children need only go through this traumatic ordeal one time instead of being questioned over and over. All interviews are recorded on a disk for future use. Community Workshops In concert with other agencies, we provide workshops to low income families on a wide variety of topics and issues to promote family health and welfare. Hope Haven provides space and support to other agencies and programs to benefit the community:
Hancock County Red Cross CASA Program Hope Haven initiated the Hancock County CASA Program in 2009 and we continue to host and support it today.
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