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Self Tracking

No description

Meet Kaur

on 23 February 2017

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Transcript of Self Tracking

Self Tracking
I learned as a sister, I should be always there if my siblings need help. As a daughter I should be mature because a female is a supporter and the gold of the family.
When I was young i don't want to socialize I need my parents with me at that time, but now I am really open and independent in socializing and share my opinion to others,this started when i transferred DLSUD because i commute everyday, I lost the fear to socialize.
Like i said before i was not open to socialize. but now, while my level of studies getting higher,my involvement in society also improved and got deeper.
Harmeet Kaur Chohan
I became matured in choosing my friends or people that i want to surround me that will help me to recognize myself
My face a little bit
and matured
My sister got married last august and all the responsibilities that she handled like household chores, paying the bills, etc. were passed to me, so now I handle the responsibilities that my sister handles before. this will help me in my future how to handle my economic career
When I reaches adolescent period I discovered my skills in dancing, sketching and the most important is challenging myself to discover my limits and increase my self-esteem.
In my adolescent period, i changed my myself of being lazy. I always plan and prioritize things that I need to finish first and the most important thing, I always take advice from people that surrounds me.
Achieving new and more mature
relationships with peers of both genders
Achieving a masculine or
feminine identity and roles
Accepting one's physique and using the body effectively
Achieving emotional independence
of parents and other adults
To attain deeper
knowledge of marriage and
family living as possible
future life pathways
Achieving socially responsible behavior
to invest and direct one's efforts and identifying a career
To develop a moral system that will serve as a guide to behavior
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