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Edmund Spenser Sonnet 35

No description

Austin Dunn

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of Edmund Spenser Sonnet 35

Sonnet 35
By Edmund Spenser
Presented By
Austin Dunn
and Justin Manley But loathe the things which they did like before,

And can no more endure on them to look.

The things he liked to look at before his wife, he now hates and can't look at them anymore. Line 11 and 12 Yet are mine eyes so filled with the store

Of that faire sight, that nothing else they brook,

He's so consumed with the sight of her that he can't look at anything else Line 9 and 10 In their amazement like Narcissus vain,

Whose eyes him starved: so plenty makes me poor.

He compares this to the Greek myth Narcissus. Plenty makes him poor because of the paradox/irony- the "plenty” makes him poor because it prevents him from moving on. Line 7 and 8 with no contentment can themselves suffice,

but having pine and having not complain.

He wants to look upon the object of his pain but he can't be happy. He wants to look at her but when he doesn’t look at her, he complains about it because he still wants to. Line 3 and 4 Break down Sonnet 35 All this worlds glory seemeth vain to me,

And all their shows but shadows, saving she.

The world seems empty to him. The only thing that matters is her. Line 13 and 14 For lacking it, they cannot life sustain,

And having it, they gaze on it the more:

He can't live without her. The more he looks, the more he is unable to tear his eyes away. Line 5 and 6
My hungry eyes through greedy covetize,

still to behold the object of their pain.

He personifies his eyes; they're an extension of his mind itself. Line 1 and 2 When Spencer was writing Amoretti. He was trying to woo his soon to be wife. He was trying to persuade her to see that he was the one to marry. The first few sonnets including sonnet 35 are him just trying to convey his emotions about her beauty and his other feelings about what she makes him feel. The later sonnets are about after she accepts him. Tone, Theme, and connection to life today.
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