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Copy of SWPBS Conference V3

No description

Jeanie MacNamara

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Copy of SWPBS Conference V3

SWPBS - Woodridge SHS SWPBS Journey SWPBS Milestones
4 School rules
Global lessons – weekly focus
Rewards System
Green days
Banners in stairwells
Classroom posters
Teacher Gotchas The Seven Essential Components Reward System - Gotchas
Until rewards were launched, no real buy-in from students
Gotchas gave them something tangible
Ours is a simple system - but it took an exhaustive consultative approach Random prize draws – Origin Jersey, Theme park discount vouchers, $50 shopping vouchers, tuck shop vouchers, Dean’s Ice Block day Random prize draws – Theme park discount vouchers, $50 vouchers, tuck shop vouchers, Dean’s Ice Block day GREEN DAYS
Culmination of ideas
Two per term
All staff wear green shirts
shirts paid for by school
Gotchas are worth double
Staff meet students at gate
Lunchtime activities
Fun, fun, fun! GLOBAL WEEKLY LESSONS Woodridge SHS Context Complex Growing Cultural Diversity Low socio-economic National Partnership School
7. Monitor and evaluate effectiveness of SWPBS 2. Common purpose and approach to discipline 3. Clear set of positive expectations 4. Teach expected behaviours 5. Procedures for encouraging expectations
6. Procedures for discouraging inappropriate behaviour 2011 GOTCHA Data 12,453 Gotcha’s Handed out to 747 students 80% of students received at least one reward for following the school rules School average of 16 per student over 17 weeks 12 pizza parties – Over 240 students 12 Prizes to year level winners - $50 vouchers, Formal tickets, Senior Jersey for 2012, Dinner entry Take the time to plan - do not rush in Follow the proven formula 2012 GOTCHA Data 20,490 Gotchas Handed out to 816 students 83% of students received at least one reward for following the school rules 18 pizza parties – Over 360 students 18 Prizes to year level winners - $50 vouchers, Formal tickets, Senior Jersey for 2013 Allow a launch of each stage - initially to staff and then to students Behaviours must be taught Reward and recognition for appropriate behaviour is essential Focus lessons directed by school specific data Lessons learnt on our journey Desired behaviours explicitly taught Weekly focus announced by Principal each Monday at assembly Taught in period one each Tuesday 'Back-up’ lesson, weekly focus is taught again in rotating KLA Deans talk to every year level every term to reinforce school rules and rewards system Lesson topics decided by school data and surveys Above all - Have fun with it!

Generate enthusiasm and interest for both students and staff Gotchas are handed out by any school staff to students that demonstrate positive behaviour Students hand in Gotchas to the Deans' Office - these are then recorded in ID Attend, then placed in a box for lucky draws Designated Staff - year co's, Deans, DP's - can access Gotcha data through ID Attend At Year Level parades running totals are given Gotchas redeemed in three ways:
Care Class - pizza party each term to leading care class
Individual student with most gotchas per year level
Lucky random draws from all Gotchas per term Rewards System Key staff currently training for Tier Two
CAIT strategy
Comprehensive school signage project
SWPBS signs, identifying & directional
SWPBS committee - staff encouraged to engage and innovate
Maintain enthusiasm through variety Diverse cultural mix
30% Pacific Islander & Maori
19% Australian (Anglo-Saxon)
18% African
12% Asian
8% Middle East
7% Other
6% Indigenous SWPBS committee started Term 3, 2009 A-Team (attendance) started term 1, 2010 B-Team (behaviour) started term 2, 2010 SWPBS whole school launch Term 3, 2010 SWPBS Rewards “Gotchas” launched Term 3, 2011 Where to from here? Weekly focus written on board for every lesson in every class For Woodridge State High School, SWPBS has been:
an opportunity to change the culture and tone of the school
a chance to innovate
a way to engage staff 1. Administrative support Created by:
Adam Richter
Rod Flood and
Jeanie MacNamara
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