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Fashion show

No description

Zury Chan

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Fashion show

She is Lucy, She is wearing a nice dress colorful baggy, a band of color on the head, a huge feather earrings and pendants and high sandals yellow polka dots.

Thank you Lucy Claudia Casiano
Jeancarlo Morales
Cesar Rodríguez
Douglas Santos We present Nahomi. She's wearing a beautiful blue dress.

Her dress has a gray great flowers that combine with her silver and blue bracelets.

Also she's wearing a high white heels.

Nahomi is pretty. Thank you Nahomi. And here we have Lizzy wearing a short gray vest over a nice gray blouse.

She is also wearing jeans with silver boots, and for cold she is wearing a raincoat, the gloves give a unique style. Perfect for winter.

Thank you Lizzy. And now we have Yun Lee wearing a tight black pants with a beige belt.

She is also wearing a nice white jacket over a dark blue blouse. It´s the perfect combination of casual and formal style.

You looks so nice Yun, thank you She is Mary and She is wearing a cute white dress with lace with a gray sweater and sandals covering ankles. In addition some sunglasses coffee, blue collar and a purple bag .

Thank you Mary Now we have this guy, his name is Justin. He is wearing a leather coat, with a white t-shirt and black jeans. In addition he is using a golden watch and a golden necklace.

Justin looks so good thank you Justin. First, kitty is wearing a beautiful red polka dot full skirt with a red polka dot top. She is wearing black gloves, black Lycra with white boots that match the dress, and in addition a diadem of Minnie Mouse ears with a white polka dot ribbon hair and red earrings.

Thank you Kitty. Here we have Laura. She's wearing a white blouse made of silk. Her sunglasses combine with her black jacket.

Her jacket is decorating with gold brooches that perfectly combine with her gold watch.

Finally, Laura carries a brown purse with a golden chain and brooches.

Laura looks so nice. Thank you Laura. He is Ricardo Arjona, and he is wearing a black leather jacket that combines with his black shirt and whit his black jeans finally he is using a pair of black formal shoes.
He is so handsome.

Thank you Richi. Fashion Show!!!
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