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joan lin

on 25 December 2010

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Transcript of agnes.b

Click anywhere & add an idea team members Joanne Lin
Amanda Hsu
Angela Ma
Alice Tien
Stella Wu
Winnie Chen
Eunice Chou History 1973-03-21
The agnès b. trademark is registered
agnès b. established her own
clothing label in 1973. 1975-03-21
First store opens
Together with Jean René
de Fleurieu, her husband
and the father of her two
youngest daughters, she
opened her first store in
an old butcher’s store in
les Halles. 1979-10-08
Creation of the snap cardigan
Founding of agnèsb.worldwide In 1980 agnès b. created
her first subsidiary in
New York with a first
store in Soho, an unusual
area for fashion at the time. 1981-10-18
first menswear store
New store opened at 2, rue du jour
for womenswear and childrenswear
lines. 3, rue du jour became the first
menswear store. 1982-04-15
agnès b. for children
The childrenswear line is born! Babies, kids, teenagers… they can be dressed in agnès b. too! 1984-06-09
Opening of the Galerie du Jour
In 1984, very shortly after the
opening of her first store, she
opened the galerie du jour:
"I wanted to create a gallery to
be able to show what I love" 1984-10-30
Founding of agnès b. Sunrise
agnès b. joins
the Club des Créateurs de Beauté 1987-12-18
Founding of agnès b.British subsidiary agnes b Brand
value B.GREEN In 2007, the agnès b. Company adopted a green committee.
A supervisory body which helps the enterprise to be cleaner
and respectful of our environment. From the source of materials,
to dyes by passing through transport and recycling of paper,
everything is regularly passed through the sieve. THE ECOLOGICAL SHOPPING BAG FIGHTING AIDS The company is therefore particularly involved in the struggle against AIDS. THE RED SCARVES AIDS AND FASHION Since 1988, red scarves, made of wool or cotton according to season, have been on sale in the agnès b. shops, with the revenue from sales going to a variety of associations and hospital services in each of the countries where the company has a presence. The company is therefore particularly involved in the struggle against AIDS. agnès b. is heavily involved in the fight against AIDS, and this year is again taking part in the great cut-price fashion sale now celebrating its 10th year. As on the first occasion, she has chosen to sponsor the event once again. This event, which takes place twice a year, mobilises creators of Fashion and Design on behalf of the fight against the virus.

CHARITIES Convinced that the private initiatives must be multiplied in order to make things go forward, agnès b. brings her support to several associations and organisations with a social, environmental or humanitarian aim. agnès b. sells in her shops also products, the total benefits of which go to associations. AGNES B. HELPS UNICEF CREATION OF ENDOWMENT AND FOUNDATION“AGNES TROUBLE KNOWN AS AGNES B.” HAITI, CALL TO DONATIONS Since 2003, the top fashion designers have become mobilised on behalf of children by creating little faces. agnès b. has established a non profit foundation as well as an endowment fund.
Via the creation of a public space devoted to arts and culture, the Foundation will ensure the conservation of her contemporary art collection while organising public exhibitions.
“Action Against Hunger” launches distributions of water and prepares its intervention in nutrition Product Imformation
clothes food Cosmetics others •agnès b FEMME(Female attire) agnès b HOMME(Men's clothing) •agnès b ENFANTchildren's garments •agnès b VOYAGE(bag) •agnès b LOLITA 2006 •agnès b BIJOUX(Accessories) •agnès b le pain grilléFrench restaurant •agnès b DÉLICESdessert •agnès b BEAUTÉ •agnès b fleuriste!!(flower shop) •agnès b la maison sur l′eautravel •agnès b CINEMA!(theater) SWOT Strength Weakness Opportunities Threats
Stores are set in the best business location.
The target market is consistent with the propaganda.
The unique style creates differences of the product.
Brand image is stronger than Product image.
Low popularity.
Low exposure rate.
Sponsor literary arts activity.
Develop the vice-brand, Sports b and a plan.
Lately, the fashion field is popular in different enterprises.
There are so many customers who love agnes b's products the in Japan recently

There are many competitors in the recent years.
There are more and more counterfeit goods market.
The price of Agnes b’s products are high.
Marketing strategy As the constantly changing of the business climate, the purchase power of the customer will decrease relatively to the economic condition Their products have unique styles that clearly distinguish them from other products. Opening up their product paths into a great diversity agnes. b voyage Make design t-shirts with popular bands and stars. They opened their chain stores at the locations where they can fully show the brand’s vitality and fine quality. agnes.b╳loreal agnes. b╳SEIKO THE
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