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Personal Statements Health Sciences (UWP)

No description

Kerri Flinchbaugh

on 22 June 2012

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Transcript of Personal Statements Health Sciences (UWP)

Statements Take a few minutes to write
down three to five questions
or concerns you have about
writing a personal statement. Tell a story. Audience Voice Form/Organization Purpose and Content help others, attempt something,
separated from comfortable
surroundings... Just when things seem the toughest... Help arrives! Internal, external, or both. Return a stronger, more
powerful person who is
able to answer the next call. What do they read all
the time?
What are they looking for in a student for their program? Do your homework about the school(s). What qualities do they
want in a student?
How can you show them
those qualities? Among other things,
they want strong commnicators and writers. Organize your statement
in a way that engages
your reader and that is
easy to read. Read examples of strong statements - read them as a writer. You are trying to persuade,
inform, and entertain
your audience. ethos, pathos,
logos Don't over
share. Top 10 Tips
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