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MOBILE Device Security

Group WWW presentation

Franco Vargas

on 17 October 2015

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Transcript of MOBILE Device Security

More than preventing access to the device by unauthorized users
Powerful devices: Recording (video, mic), Data Storage, position monitoring (gyroscope, GPS)
Protection of organization assets
Facilities and Networks that come into contact with mobile device

Application Security Challenges
Lack of Unified App Catalog
Applications are approved by Apple Security, Google Play and others
Text messages and picture messages are by default unencrypted
Email exchanges by default are not encrypted
JailBreak / Root
JailBreak is removing restrictions on Apple
Root is removing restrictions on Android Devices
Cellular vs. WiFi
Short Message Service (SMS)
Bluetooth and Near Field Communications (NFC)
Bluejacking, Bluebugging

Mobile Device Security
Challenges behind BYOD in the Enterprise
To be continued...
Enterprise Solutions
Which solutions maximize security with bringing your own device?
Best Effort
What does research tell us about device security?
User Training
How much can this affect breaches?
and more...
Statistics ALSO Show
- One in Four business users admitted to having a security Issue on their Private Device in 2013

- Nearly 50% of firms supporting BYOD report data breaches

- A 2014 report found that in three years, 21 million patients became the victims of medical record data breaches.

- The average cost of a corporate data breach is $7.2 million

Increasing number of employers start allowing their employees using their personal mobile devices for work which has raised serious data privacy concerns.
General Problem:
Problem in our company:
BYOD is acceptable however there are no policies or procedures in place to secure the data.
Benefits of BYOD:
1. Enable Flexible Data Access
2. Option to Intall Mobile Apps
3. Cut Cost on Devices
4. Improve Employee Satisfaction which leads to increased Productivity and Profits
Statistics Tells Us:
- 85% of organizations allow BYOD to work

- 38% of companies expect to stop providing
devices to workers by 2016

- 70%+ of mobile professionals will conduct their work on personal smart devices by 2018

Current Environment:
BYOD is acceptable however there are no policies or procedures in place to secure the data.

Devices Unencrypted
No Lock Policy
Data is not isolated
No Application Management Policy...

Company Size: 800 +
Industry: Health Care
as it relates to network connectivity
as it relates to physical security
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