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No description

glen macadaeg

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of MSAP

Filipinos are inveterate piecemeal consumers. 80% are in single-use packaging answer to unbranded, repacked oil in "tingi" ice candy packs tingi "tingi" guaranteed safe and clean alternative to repacked oil tingi tubes need push however, Magnolia Nutri-Oil tube SKUs to increase sales volume and distribution Market Stall Augmentation Program Magnolia Nutri-Oil recognized this profitable fact. objectives availability distribution volume tap new outlets regain trade confidence improve increase deployment of market sellers to selected wet markets to push MNO 60ml tubes and 175ml SUPs 118 public markets under 13 distributors tactical promos 7+1 9+1 primary buy get 60ml MNO tubes 60ml MNO tube free each store must purchase 4 strips or 4 packs in order to avail of this promo 175ml MNO SUP free 175ml MNO SUPs get buy secondary to improve market penetration to trigger volume purchase to give bonus profit to market stalls MNO 6o ml tingi tubes promo MNO 175 ml SUPs promo increase MSAP schedule penetration of new stalls and maintainance of these new accounts week 1 wet market 1 wet market 2 wet market 3 wet market 4 wet market 5 wet market 6 wet market 7 wet market 8 wet market 11 wet market 12 wet market 9 wet market 10 wet market 15 wet market 14 wet market 13 wet market 16 wet market 17 wet market 18 wet market 19 wet market 20 wet market 21 25 stores daily 118 public markets
under 13 distributors in
North Luzon
South Luzon phase 1: May to June phase 2: July to September pending results of phase 1 SRP PhP5.00 Promo Price PhP4.17 Profit 20% SRP PhP16.15 Profit 17% Promo Price PhP13.86 13,125kg per month 100% distribution in stalls that carry oil and grocery products 80% frontal display installation of merchandising materials incentives to be given to market sellers who reach their monthly volume target PhP1.00 for every 7+1 promo pack of MNO 60ml tubes PhP3.00 for every 9+1 promo pack of MNO 175ml SUPs incentives to be computed month on month to ensure meeting of targets per month
no returns shall be expected
incentives to be converted to Sodexho GCs 150 market stalls per week guaranteed safe and clean alternative to repacked oil Market Stall Augmentation Program targets
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