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Areas polygamy is practiced, the culture behind it, and issues with this practice

Marissa Grills

on 11 July 2014

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Transcript of Polygamy

Definitions: By:Marissa Grills Polygamy Polyandry Polygyny Monogamy Infidelity 2 different types of polygamy
Does anyone know the 2 different types and what the differences are? more then one marital partner More then one husband More then one wife A person is married to one person Cheating What are your views of polygamy? Regardless of how this practice may be viewed It's been around for thousands of years
It's hard to say it will ever die out We will cover 3 topics on polygamy 1. where is polygamy practiced? 2. What cultures practice polygamy? 3. What are the issuses surrounding with polygamy? Where is polygamy practiced? legal in 150 countries Nigeria:~40 million poeple USA: ~ 100 thousand poeple Salt Lake city Utah
thought to be the heart of Mormons Although the Mormons feel Provo and surround Utah area is "Mormon heart lands" Many Fundamental Mormons have fled to West America, Mexico, and Alberta. The cultures of polygamy 3rd world countries In the USA Traditionally an African man can marry as many wives as he wishes Many African Leaders are polygamist Eg. In Swaziland every year there is a reed dance in front of the king.The king then chooses 1 women to marry. The current king has over 13 wives. His father had 0ver 70 wives and 200 children What do you think drives poeple to wantting to marry this many poeple? Increase chance of name being passed down If a women can not produce kids it is normal for a man to marry another women Children can look after parents 2 main reasons: power and respect Most people practicing polygamy are from a faith called Fundamental Mormons To them polygamy is a "religous duty" It all started with a prophet named Joseph Smith Joseph started with a monogamous marriage with Emma Then he entered into a secret polygamous Joseph concluded that, it is Gods will for man to have plural wives 1843 this comandment was released and it was belevied man had to have minimum 3 wives to enter God's "glory" This was still kept somewhat secret until 1852 In the end Joseph had about 40 wives Wilford Woodruff was a prophet shortly after Joseph and was the first to frobid polygamy By 1920 many Mormons were against polygamy. This is when a division between the Mormons happened creating the Mormons and Fundamental Mormons The issues surrounding the practice of polygamy Many feel that polygamy is brought on by a man wanting to have multiple sexual parnters Do you feel that this is the reason that men get involved in polygamous marriages? Polygamy is seen as degrading to women Polygamy is stressful and physically draining for the whole family Are the girls getting forced into polygamy, are the girls to young for a polygamous marriage? Are the girls in/entering polygamous marriages brainwashed Polygamy illegal but still practiced The division between Mormons and Fundamental Mormons Polygamy has been around for thousands of years in different countries and cultures. Regardless of the issues surrounding this practice it is hard to say it will ever stop. Jealousy
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