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The Lemonade War: Chapter 3

No description

Shay F.

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of The Lemonade War: Chapter 3

The Lemonade War Chapter Three Vocabulary Joint Venture: Vendors Lull Weasel Pedestrians Chapter 2 Discussion 1.) Joint Venture
2.) Vendors
3.) Pedestrians
4.) Lull
5.) Weasel When two or more people
join forces to sell a certain
amount of goods or to work
on a single project. a person or an
agency that sells a person who
goes or travels
on foot; walker to quiet down,
let up, or
subside a cunning,
sneaky person 1.) Evan is upset with Jessie
2.) Jessie & Evan are going to
be in the same class
3.) Jessie can't help with
Evan & Scott’s stand
After Reading Activity Write a summary about the chapter. Summary must include: important ideas & main characters while maintaining sequence. Main ideas must
include supporting details.
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