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Straw Bale Construction

No description

Erika Clary

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Straw Bale Construction

Straw Bale Construction
Materials Needed
Where are they used?
First one was built in Nebraska
Most common in Southern California
Used in England
Pros of Straw Bale Construction
When stalks become disposal problems for farmers, they can be reused to make the bails.
Since the bails are thick, they add aesthetic value to the home
It is very easy to understand how to build using straw bales.
Can last over 100 years
Cons of Straw Bale Construction
Hard to get plans approved
Need to be kept dry
Cost of shipping the bales is high
Waste Materials make up Straw Bales
Bags to put gravel in
Wood for roof
Sheep wool with pond liner
Pros Continued
Can be curved easily with a knife or chainsaw
More flame retardant than wood framing
Can be very beautiful
Basic Steps
1. Dig a trench to remove the top soil and fill the trench with gravel.
2. On top of that gravel, lay bags filled with more gravel.
3. Buy straw bales and build them up into your walls.
4. Build the roof using repurposed wood, sheep wool that is covered with pond liner, and top of with a layer of soil.
5. Seal straw bales with clay plaster.

Special Skills Needed
Ability to adapt to new building techniques
Must be able to get the straw bales on to the house walls (they are heavy)
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