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David Parker Craig

This is a Biography about a famous australian scientist

Jessie Xu

on 20 June 2013

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Transcript of David Parker Craig

David Parker Craig
David Parker Craig, was an Australian scientist. A chemistry scientist.
This is his Biography
David studied at the University of Sydney, 1940 to 1946. In 1946 David moved to the University College, London where he began further studies as Turner and Newall Research Fellow. Soon he was promoted lecturer at University College. In 1952 he returned to the University of Sydney as he was the first Professor of Phisical Chemistry. In 1967 he returned to Australia when he was promoted Foundation Professor of Phisical and Theoretical Chemistry at the Research School of Chemistry. He stayed in that position until his retirement in 1984.
His Education
In 1990 David invented an a massage chair called The Egg. It was put in a room that he liked to call the Relaxarium. That combined with The Egg gave a 15 minute private massage session. He won the Best New Product Award of the Year at the Leisure Industry Exhibition in Birmingham in 1998.
Discoveries and Inventions
It hasn't been confirmed who David's family might be. A common possibility would be Mary Gaines and John Craig, who died in 1839 and was buried in the Craig cemetery. Many believe that if in fact that David had been the son of Mary and John, after their death he was enlisted as an orphan, and grandson of Samuel Craig. Mr.Turbo was enlisted as his guardian.

Although the're photographs of the Craig family there is no proven fact who they are.
David's Family History And Facts
Still Not The End of the Journey
David Craig Biography
The Impact On Australia!
By inventing The Egg, David Parker Craig gave a new relaxing device that had a immidiate effect on people with diseases or disabilities like the Cushing Disease, which can form a hump on their upper back from abnormal deposits of fat. The Egg makes them more comfortable even with their disease or disabilies.
That's the end of his adventures... for now! He was born in December 23, 1919. He's still alive now at the age of 93. Amazing isn't it?! His adventures may be over, but his journey continues.
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David Craig
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