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Stomach Cancer

What Is Stomach Cancer?

Esther Nitafan

on 7 April 2011

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Transcript of Stomach Cancer

Stomach Cancer Stomach cancer, also referred to as "Gastric Cancer" is a cancer that originates from the stomach. Stomach cancer can start growth in any part of the stomach, and it possesses the capability to distribute throughout the whole stomach, as well as spreading to other organs such as the esophagus, liver, lungs and lymph nodes.
The stomach plays a part in the digestive system, the digestive system is the system that makes food absorbable to the body. It breaks down the food in our bodies. When we eat, our food goes down our esophagus (a vertical tube being the pathway to the stomach) and as it goes through the stomach it passes through a junction called the gastroesophagael junction. The average stomach can hold about 1 liter of food. The stomach is shaped much like a sac that once it starts to hold food, it secretes gastric juices that break down our food before entering the part of the small intestines called the duodenum. The stomach is recognized to have 5 main parts - Cardia: The upmost portion of the
stomach closest to the esophagus

- Fundus: Situated next to the cardia, cells in this area secrete acid and pepsin (an enzyme used to break down food)
- The Body (Carpus): the biggest part of the stomach located to be in between the lower and upper stomach

- Antrum: The part where food is mixed with gastric juice, located at the lower part of the stomach
Pylorus: Performs as a valve emptying the contents of the stomach to the small intestines. Types of cells in the stomach.. Parietal cells
- Produce hydrochloric acid
- It is so concentrated that it could eat through wood.
- Helps the body absorb vitamin B12 (vitamin B12, is needed to produce red blood cells and nerve tissue.)

- Produce gastrin, a hormone that assists the parietal cells
Epithelial cells
- Produces a solution that prevents the hydrochloric acid from eating through the mucosa (The innermost layer of the stomach) What Causes Stomach Cancer? · Environmental factors

o Certain dusts, fumes, molds and other chemicals/substances

o Smoking

· Infection/Bacteria

· Poor Diet

o High salt consumption

o Large amount of preservatives

o Not many green leafy vegetables

· Certain Diseases/Disorders

o Anemia

o Partial removal of stomach for medical reasons

o Menetrier’s Disease
Who does it affect?
(These are not entirely scientifically proven, but mostly based on statistics)
• Most common in people over 55
o Rare in people under 40
• Twice as common in men
• More common in people of African descent than Caucasian descent How do we know its there? O:

•GI Tests (x-rays)
•Fecal blood test (testing the stool for presence of blood)
•Endoscopy and biopsy
• Differs upon factors such as
o Size, location and extent
o Stage of the cancer
o Patient’s general health
• Surgery
• Chemotherapy
• Radiation therapy
• Biological therapy (immunotherapy)
How Do I prevent myself from getting stomach cancer? Remember to eat healthily, avoid eating smoked and pickled foods, foods with high salt content, and avoid drinking and smoking. Especially if you have a family history of stomach cancer. Always follow up with stomach cancer symptoms. Prevention is always better than a cure. References:

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