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Despicable Me

No description

ciara easter

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of Despicable Me

Despicable Me
By;Cre'nicia Dunn and Ciara Easter

The Hero's Cycle
Are we done yet??
>That's ^All<
Gru's average life is spent with him focusing on his Villian work.

The World of Common Day
Call to Adventure
Gru's call to adventure is meeting the girls in order for him to get into his enemy's (Vector) house to steal the Shrink Ray.
Refusal of the Call
Gru's refusal of the call is him not answering the door for the girls when he first meets them.
The Mentor
The mentor is Dr. Nefario he helps assist Gru and his villian activities and he tries to keep Gru focused on the misson to steal the moon.
Crossing The FirstThreshold
Test, Allies and Enemies
When the girls are captured by Vector Gru decides to give up the moon in order to win the girls back
The Road Back
The road back is after Gru successfully steals the moon but he realizes the girls were more important then him being the best villain.
Approach of the Inmost Cave
Grus approach is him succefully adopting the girls and having to get use to being a father figure and do his duties as a father
Reward- Seizing the Prize
The reward is Gru successfully stealing the moon but the overall achievement is him getting the girls back and becoming a great father figure for them
The Supreme Ordeal
The supreme ordeal is Gru making the decision whether to attend the girls dance recital or completing his mission of stealing the moon. Gru decides to give the girls back to the orphanage in order to focus on the mission. Then the ordeal and priorities shift from him being a good villian to being a good father and he decides to attend the girls recital instead.
Gru decides to adopt the girls so he could get him into Vector's house to steal the shrink ray
Test: A test that Gru goes through is first trying to steal the shrink ray from Vector in order to become the better villian and stealing the moon
Allies: Margo, Edith, Agnes(3 girls)
The minions Dr.Nefero
Enemies: His enemies is Vector and the bank
Return with Elixir
Gru return with the girls and gets to attend their recital
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