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Whole Brain Teaching

WBT in Mrs. Naumann's 4th Grade Classroom

Angela Naumann

on 22 August 2017

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Transcript of Whole Brain Teaching

in Mrs. Naumann's Classroom
Whole Brain Teaching
photo (cc) Malte Sörensen @ flickr
Class, Yes
Five Classroom Rules
Teach, OK
Scoreboard Game
Hands and Eyes
1st Steps
This is used as the “attention getter” in your classroom
There are different variations of this
Use different voices
Class, Yes
5 Class Rules
This strategy is used when you want to relinquish control of the class to the students
Want students to demonstrate a Power Teaching
Partner sharing
You say TEACH
Students clap twice and say “OK”
When students are doing something well, correct, right, etc. they get a point
“Oh Yeah!”
When students are not following directions, not participating, listening, etc. you get a point
Mighty Groan
There is no punishment if you win, they simply don’t get a privilege they were working towards.
Scoreboard Game
When you say “Hands and Eyes” students will repeat this and immediately have their eyes on you and hands in their lap or on their desk.
This is used to let students know that what you are about to say something VERY important
To stress importance you can use variations such as:
Hands, hands, hands and eyes
Hands and Eyes
When the teacher says “Mirror” the students repeat it back and lift their hands ready to mirror the actions
This can also be used during paired practice
We want everyone to participate in both the talking and listening
Students will work in pairs
When you yell SWITCH! They repeat
Opposite students teach after each SWITCH!
What is WBT?
Activates & Engages all parts of the brain
Lessons that have
words and actions
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