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How to Prepare for an Interview at the OSCE

Competency-based Interviewing/ Recruitment section, DHR, OSCE Secretariat

Recruitment OSCE

on 29 August 2017

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Transcript of How to Prepare for an Interview at the OSCE

- Most international Organizations use competency frameworks for the recruitment of staff

- Competency frameworks are designed and implemented to ensure that the selected candidate is the best fit for the position and possesses the required
skills, attributes and behaviours

- Competency frameworks require that assessment is carried out through a combination of methods, including
interviews, written tests and reference checks
A guide for
at the OSCE

Key Objective...
...is to provide key
tips and ideas
that will help you better understand and prepare for interviews as a candidate at the OSCE.
1. Searching for vacancies at

2. Creating an online profile and preparing an application
3. Submitting an online application
4. Evaluation of the application
5. Preliminary exercise via a written test and/or SONRU interview
6. Invitation to a
7. Notification of selection

Overview of the OSCE Application Process
What are competencies?
The term “competency” refers to a combination of
skills, attributes and behaviours
that are directly related to successful performance on the job.

Core competencies
are the skills, attributes and behaviours which are considered important for all staff of the Organization, regardless of their function or level.

OSCE Core Values:
OSCE Core Competencies:
Analysis & Decision-Making
At the OSCE, candidates are interviewed via following methods :
Telephone interview - Through your personal telephone number
Video conference interview -
In person interview - Face-to-Face
Pre-recorded interview -
How to structure your answers in an interview?
Competency-based Interviewing
UNFPA - Michael Emery
Insider tips for a
Competency-based Interview
Competency based interviews are increasingly being used as the main recruitment process
Niamh Shiells explains how to prepare for such an interview
Guide to Competency Based Interviews
Welcome to the
How to Get a Job?
Recruitment Section - Department of Human Resources
OSCE Secretariat

Pre-recorded SONRU Interview
SONRU is an
automated video interview
where interviewers and candidates do not have to be online at the same time. You will receive competency-based and technical questions through a video and you are given a certain amount of time to provide your answer through a video recording
What is
SONRU is mostly used as a
preliminary exercise
for candidates. It helps us compile a final list of candidates who will be invited for a face-to-face interview. Nevertheless, you should still prepare for it like a real interview. The links below will give you a step by step guide on how to prepare:
During the pre-recorded interview, you will also be given the chance to do
practice questions.
They are like real interview questions, thus, it gives you a possibility to check how you are presenting yourself as well as the clarity of your answers
How to prepare for a SONRU interview?
What is WebEx?
WebEx is the main
online interview tool
used at the OSCE. We do not use Skype or other forms of online interview tools
It is an
audio and video conferencing programme,
which allows us to connect with you for interviews
You are given a
unique URL
to join us in a personal video room to conduct the interview
How to prepare for a WebEx interview?
All you need is good
internet connection, a webcam and microphone
Prior to your official WebEx interview we will conduct a WebEx test-run with you to help you ease into using the tool before the interview
The interview itself, as stated in the previous slides, will consist of
competency based and technical questions
. This you can prepare for by looking at our prezi slides, reading the Vacancy notice and our main website
A preview of the
Personal interview room
on WebEx
How to prepare for Technical Questions?
Technical interview questions will be based on the
needed to be successful in the position you applied for
You are given the chance to present whether you have the qualifications needed for the job
To prepare for these questions, we suggest you:
Review the tools, languages, programmes, systems..etc that are in the
job requirements
Read the
Vacancy Notice
for the position
Go over our website :
and have a basic understanding of the
Technical questions?
Competency-Based Questions?
Try using the
What is
Inside look of the
OSCE Secretariat
in Vienna
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