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A visit to Turkey

No description

Olga Pileckiene

on 1 July 2013

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Transcript of A visit to Turkey

A visit to Turkey
COMENIUS 2012-2014

Monday 15th April
Arrival day Meeting at Hotel AKBULUT (or School depending on arrival hour)

Tuesday 16th April

09:00 Welcoming the European Partners and presentations,

Teachers; meeting and discussing about work plan
11:00: Cinema Techniques meeting
13:00 Lunch break

14:30 Cultural sightseeing tour of Kumluca (Kumluca Kalekule, Rhodiapolis sightseeings)

Wednesday 17th April

08:30 meeting at school for
Historical places around Kumluca (Common history of our partners)
Çıralı, Yanartaş, Olympos, Tahtalı-Cable car
( may vary depending on time)

Thursday 18th April

08:30 Meeting with Santa Claus
Demre Cultural visits of Demre Museum
Visiting sunken city of Kekova

Friday 19th April

08:30 Antalya city tour and meeting common heredity in Anatolia
Old city of Antalya and Museum visits
13:00 Cinema techniques meeting
Saturday 20th April

Departure from Kumluca, Meeting at hotel AKBULUT

Comenius yra Mokymosi visą gyvenimą programos dalis, o šią programą Lietuvoje administruoja Švietimo mainų paramos fondas.
Švietimo mainų paramos fondas ir Europos Komisija negali būti laikomi atsakingais už bet kokį šio puslapio pateikiamos informacijos naudojimą.
Informacija ruošiama
Comenius letting me go to Turkey was amazing. It was a great experience. On the first day we all went to the airport in Vilnius, and got on the flight to Turkey, Antalya. This was the first time I have ever flown with a plane. When we landed it was pretty warm but it was raining. We waited a bit for the rumunians since they’re flight took a bit longer than expected. In the meantime we packed the candy and a small candle that we got. When the rumunians arrived we hoped in the bus and went through a huge storm straight to a town named Komluca. We lived there. We arrived to the hotel, me , Selin and her family finally met face to face. Quickly we went to Selin’s home, unpacked and me and Selin met up with her boyfriend. They showed me around a wonderful town close to Komluca called Finike. The next day we woke up at 7 a.m. got ready, had breakfast and got on the bus and went to they’re school. There we were shown the traditional dance and clothing. After that we had to show our presentation. Then we went to some museums and the cinema where we had a lesson from the Italians about movie making. The next morning was about the same, get up, get ready, hop on the bus, go to school. But this time we didn’t have breakfast at home. We went to the beach and had breakfast there. The food was delicious. Then we went to Olympos. A very tall mountain with the fire that doesn’t stop burning. We had a lot of fun there. After Olympos we stop by the city and go around shops. It was getting pretty late so we went back home. And again wake up, get ready, have breakfast, hop on the bus and go to school. That day we went to the market. There I had the chance to buy some gifts for me and my family. After that we went to a town named Side, we went to a museum. Went to the beach, had dinner. After dinner we even went to a dip our feet into the sea. It was going to be a long trip home so we started to get ready to head back. The next morning rolled around and once again. wake up, get ready, have breakfast, hop on the bus and go to school. That day we went to the city and went shopping again. After that we went on a boat ride to see a sunken city. It was interesting to see a city under the water. After, we just took a walk around the city. This was our last day. So when we came back home, we had some Turkish coffee, chatted for a good while, Selin’s dad’s friend was over, he’s an English teacher. So he could translate some things that I told Selin and her family. Selin’s dad even offered me to stay for 10 more days, he say’d he would buy me a ticket to fly back. But I had to refuse. It was about 1 a.m. so I decided to go pack my things and go to sleep. We woke up at 4 a.m. and got ready. We left off to the hotel. Say’d our goodbyes and took off. It was really a great experience coming here. I didn’t expect for people to be so warm and friendly. I would really love to come back one day. Thank you Comenius for this wonderful trip!

Karolis Girdžiūnas

Comenius project is one of the opportunities to see the world, meet a lot of different people or get acquainted with different traditions and culture.
After the first flight by plane, when it landed, in Turkey, I was scared and happy at the same time. Why? I didn’t know what was waiting me, what I could hope, being 3000km from home, I realized that everything was different and I understood: ‘’ This chance may occur only once in my life!’’
When the plane landed, the Turkish rain welcomed us. When we came to Kumluca, the families were waiting for us. Ezgi (my Turkish friend) asked me a lot of questions, but I was a little confused to answer them. Later everything went on pretty good.
When we arrived to Ezgi’s home, - I saw that my friend’s living place was not really different, from my house, except the furniture. Talking about my accommodation I stayed in the single room, it was prepared specially for me.
The Turkish food surprised me, when I tasted it. It was so different and unknown! To tell the truth, I was tired, after journey and I wanted to have a good rest.
Every morning, we hurried to the bus and went to school. From a there all Comenius groups travelled to the interesting and famous places of Turkey. It was fantastic!
This trip was perfect! I improved my English language skills and gained a lot of experience. But the week was over and I had to say ‘’ Goodbye’’. Finally, we returned to Lithuania, I met my family and said: ‘’Home sweet home!’’.

Ieva Petkevičiūtė
My travel to Turkey

When we arrived at Turkey, we were greeted by the cold weather. The cold wind was blowing from the all sides. It started to rain heavily. We were bored waiting to Romanian team for about 2 hours. When they finally arrived, we got into a bus and we all went to Kumluca. The way was a rather long for us. It took for about two hours. While we were traveling, I was sleeping, but I woke up because of a strong hail. I did not expect that in Turkey could be this sort of weather. I couldn’t do anything, only to enjoy at the beautiful Turkey’s landscape.
At last we arrived at Kumluca. We stopped at the hotel, which looked really nice. I was worried about my meeting with my Turkish family. The girl, who I will live the next five days with, immediately saw me and waved to me. I went towards her with a big smile on my face. I was surprised when she hugged me and kissed my both cheeks – it’s a traditional greeting in Turkey. She introduced me to her parents. I was really surprised how they all were friendly and they met so pleasingly. On the same day her parents showed me their places of work. Her father has a vegetable factory and a gas station. Her mother - a pharmacy, called according to my Turkish friend's name.
She showed me the town and introduced me to her friends on the same day. We visited a building, which is called a "training center" by Turkish people. I was participating in Turkish biology lesson.
The second and all other days a school bus brought me to the school. Tuesday was a day, when all countries’ teams had to introduce themselves. I was very worried about it. Our Lithuanian team’s introducing was very great and I was so happy.
After the presentations, we went to Kalekule’s tower. People can see the beautiful view of Kumluca from here. We went to the film’s lesson later. There, a teacher presented to us the "stop-motion’s" technology, that is used in order to create films or cartoons. Some time later, our Lithuanian team had a chance to work with this technology; it was a really great thing.
In Turkey we have visited the Olympus mountain, the village, where people lived in the treehouses, Antalya, where we visited the huge Antalya’s market. We saw Santa Clauses (St. Nicholas) grave and we stopped to have a rest on the Mediterranean sea’s beach, and even we swam in the Mediterranean Sea with all clothes. We visited Kumluca’s amusement park, Finike – the town of the orange trees (Kumluca is the town of the tomatoes) and many different things, that I can’t remember.
The food in Turkey was very strange to me, but at the same time very tasty. Turkish people love white bread, tomatoes and lots of different vegetables. Turkish coffee and Turkish ’’şiş kebap’’ are also highly praises and of course - very tasty.
People in Turkey are incredibly friendly. Each Turkish person comes to greet, except if he is too much shy; then he smiles to you happily, as if regretting that he won’t come to meet to you. Turkish people communicate also very pleasingly and I think it’s very good.
I have only good remembrances about this wonderful and unforgettable country – Turkey. If I have a chance, – I am sure I will come back here.

Goda Jokimčiūtė

Comenius project

It was the best time in my life with Comenius project from 15 to 20 April. These days, I saw a lot of things which I wouldn’t forget all my life.
I will start from 15 April when my three friends, four of my school teachers and I went by bus to Vilnius airport. It was night, so I felt very exhausted, but also excited. After a long trip to the airport we got on the plane and flew to Turkey our journey took. When we arrived the weather was very rainy, but my mood was fantastic. From the airport we were taken to Kumluca by bus. This trip took two hours, so I slept in the bus, but when we arrived my friend woke me up.
Firstly, we arrived to the hotel where our teachers had to live. There the Turkish children waited for us. They took us to their families, according to Comenius project. I saw my friend and I was very glad. It seemed to me that we have known each other for a long time. She’s a very friendly girl and I like her very much. That girls name is Hatidze, her mum is called Aishe and her dad’s name is Hiuseyn. They are Muslims. It means girls have to wear scarves on the heads and long skirts or flat trousers. They have to pray five times a day, because it’s Islam religion. This is very different from our faith. The first day in a foreign country, town and family was very hard, but later I got used to the new place and family. My new family brought me to the Mediterranean sea. I have never seen it before. Later they introduce me to their grandparents, aunts and uncles. I felt a little shy, because it was first time when I met unknown. In the evening we come home and I went bed as I was very tired and wanted to have a good sleep.
Next day we had to present our country. During the last days we traveled in Kumluca and other parts of Turkey.
The last day was very sad as I didn’t want to return home to Lithuania, because I was so happy with my new family, I found lots of sincere friends here. I liked the Turkish food. Of course, sometimes it wasn’t delicious, because it’s very different from our Lithuanian food. I liked Turkish buildings and religion. When we met at the same hotel and had to say goodbye to foreign families, my eyes were full of tears. I loved my family very much, despite the fact that I spent only a few days with them. It was so difficult to part. This trip was the best one in my life.

Agnė Vindašiūtė 7 b.

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