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Power Paws Assistance Dogs

Power Paws Orientation

Jessa Parker

on 5 August 2017

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Transcript of Power Paws Assistance Dogs

Power Paws Assistance Dogs
What goes into making a service dog?
Power Paws has an extensive breeding program. We work with other organizations to breed healthy, low arousal working dogs. All of our dogs pass heart, eye, and joint clearances before being selected for breeding or placement.
Power Paws Mission
Guide Dogs - specially trained to lead the blind or visually impaired.

What is a service dog?
An service dog is specially trained in tasks which mitigate a person's disability. The American with Disabilities Act gives people with disabilities full public access rights with their service dog in the United States.
Puppy Raisers
Our volunteer puppy raisers are responsible for their puppy's training and veterinary care. This can be a two year commitment, and is so vital to our program.
Team Training & Placement
Power Paws works with our clients every 6-8 weeks until we have found the right match in a dog.
What about Therapy or Emotional Support Dogs?
Therapy Dogs are often specially trained & socialized, but are essentially well behaved pets that visit hospitals and nursing homes or other locations they've been invited to.

Therapy dogs and their handlers do not have public access rights.
Assistance Dogs - an umbrella term for dogs trained to assist a disabled person for disabilities including but not limited to: mobility impairment, deaf or hard of hearing, post-traumatic stress disorder, autism, diabetes, and seizure disorders.
Emotional support animals may or may not have specific training, but provide emotional support to their owner.
With a doctors recommendation, an owner can classify their dog as emotional support and receive the following rights

full access to non-pet friendly housing - Fair Housing Act
flying in cabin on airplanes - American Air Carrier Act
Socialization begins immediately! We invite the public to come Puppy Pet all of our new litters.
We are always seeking Puppy Raisers!
Once we've found a match our clients are invited to a two-week boot camp. After 6 months of being a successful team, our clients are then invited to our yearly graduation ceremony.
Training Our Service Dogs
Power Paws uses Positive Reinforcement training to teach more than 80 behaviors.

Our goal is to teach our dogs to think and problem solve, without using fear or intimidation to control behavior.

We utilize clicker training to mark behaviors and shape complex behaviors.
Power Paws Training Programs
Mobility Assistance
Diabetic Alert
Courthouse / Victim Advocacy
Puppy Petters
Puppy Raisers
General Volunteers
Empowering Intrepid Warriors
Attend public events and help out at our facilities. Enjoy interacting with our puppies, while helping to support our programs and educate the public about service dogs.
Puppy Petting Rules
When you arrive please remove your shoes by the door, sign in & wash your hands.
Your puppy petter Host will give you directions and hand you a puppy. Always follow the directions of your host!
Always have
2 hands
on the puppy! You're welcome to have photos taken of you with a puppy.
We NEVER hit, strike, or yell at our puppies. You'll be immediately removed from the session, and not allowed to return.
Puppy Raising
Puppy Raisers spend up to two years training and loving their Power Paws puppy.
Puppy Raisers attend weekly training classes (minimum 3 classes a month) where they learn about socializing and training their puppies through positive reinforcement clicker training.
Board of Directors
Assistance Dogs International
Assistance Dogs International (ADI) is a coalition of not for profit assistance dog organizations. Part of the mission of Assistance Dogs International (ADI) is to establish standards for the assistance dog industry ensuring that:

Dogs are treated humanely
Clients are treated with respect and dignity
Training is delivered in a professional way at all times.

ADI has a comprehensive accreditation system and members have to be regularly assessed to ensure they meet the high standards expected of assistance dog programs.
Mobility Assistance
Mobility Assistance dogs help with a variety of impairments that limit balance and mobility.

Our dogs learn to be the hands of their partners, helping to accomplish tasks like retrieving dropped items, removing clothing, and balance work.
Vice President
Interim-Executive Director
Board Members
Jeanne Pollock
Marsha Horshock
Shoshanna Abels
JoEllen Caldwell
Heidi Beale
Brenda LoPresto
Diabetic Alert Dogs
We place diabetic alert dogs (DADs) with children & adults with Type 1 Diabetes. Type 1 Diabetes is an auto-immune disease in which the body has mistakenly attacked the islet cells in the pancreas that produce the life-sustaining hormone insulin. We need insulin for everything we eat, without it a person cannot regulate their blood glucose level.
Facility Dogs
Power Paws is working with county and police offices in Phoenix to provide highly trained facility dogs for several avenues of work.
Empowering Intrepid
We place service dogs for veterans with mobility and PTSD disabilities.
Volunteering Opportunities
Sign-up for and attend puppy petting sessions. Puppy Petting volunteers can also sign up to spend the night with a litter over the weekend.
Puppy Raiser volunteers are vital to our program's success! We also need volunteers to help train and socialize our puppies who will one day become working assistance dogs!
Volunteering with Power Paws
Power Paws could not accomplish the things that we do without our amazing, dedicated volunteers.

Please honor your commitments to Power Paws. We rely on your assistance.

Please be a good representative by dressing appropriately, and direct all media inquiries to a Power Paws staff member.
Other Opportunities to Give
Arizona State Tax Code offers a tax credit for donations made to eligible 501c3 non-profits by a certain date within the tax year.

This means that a donation (maximum of $400 for a single person, $800 for couples) will be reimbursed to you on your state tax return.

Donations can be made on our website azpowerpaws.org
Birdies for Charities
Scent Samples
Power Paws uses saliva samples collected from diabetics when they're blood glucose is outside of the desired ranges. These samples are crucial to training DADs, but can only be used a certain number of times before they must be disposed of and replaced.
When someone's blood sugar is below 80 or above 180, they can chew on one or two cotton balls and save the sample in a small air-tight container such as a pill bottle or test strip tube. The samples are then kept frozen until use.
We especially need samples between 60-85 & 175-190, because these are our desired alert ranges.
You can make a local charity a big bucks winner by making a pledge in the Birdies for Charity competition at the 2017 Waste Management Phoenix Open! That's because participating charities will receive every single penny of collected pledges
An eligible charity will receive a 10% BONUS* on the total amount of pledges collected on their behalf during the 2017 WM Phoenix Open Birdies For Charity Program.
We are currently working with the Phoenix V.A. as part of their outpatient therapy program. Veterans come to our facilities to interact with our dogs and learn about training service dogs.
Stay Overnight with the Litter
While a Power Paws breeder is staying at our facility with her puppies, we always have someone stay overnight with them.

Staying overnight does involve a little bit of work, like feeding mom & puppies, picking up the puppy space, feeding our kitties, and logging everything in a book, but you get lots of solo time with the puppies!

This is a great way to get a lot of volunteer hours at one time. Send an email to meg@azpowerpaws.org if you're interested in staying!
DEAK-9 & Law Enforcement Unit Support
This program is focused on providing service dogs to military veterans with a disability related to their service at no cost to the veteran.

Power Paws Projects
Power Paws utilizes lots of different tools for training and socializing our puppies. We are always in need of items like light switches, light boards, mounted buttons, and other exposure devices.
Puppy Petting
Do not walk around while holding a puppy, unless your host instructs you to.
NEVER step or sit inside the whelping box.
Try to keep your voice calm. Please do not yell or scream at the puppies.
We name our litters by the alphabet, we're looking forward to our second X litter.
Our mission is to provide highly skilled assistance dogs to children and adults with disabilities, to provide education and continuing support for working assistance dogs teams, and to be a resource in the community for people with disabilities.
Our dogs learn to alert to changes in blood glucose levels by scenting, allowing their partners to react before their blood sugar reaches dangerous levels.

Thank you!
Puppy Nursery Volunteers
We need help in our nursery. Volunteers can attend additional training, and sign up to help in the nursery from 10 am -2 pm weekdays. Nursery volunteers assist with cleaning, grooming, feeding, and our very important Super Puppy Protocol.
Sparky's Service Dogs at ASU
Power Paws worked with students to start a student-run organization at Arizona State University. Sparky's is a student-run puppy raising program that raises service dogs for Power Paws, and helps educate and build awareness about assistance dogs on campus.
Puppy Sitters
Watch a Power Paws puppy-in-training for their raiser for a short period of time. This is especially useful for student puppy raisers. This can be a few hours during a class/lab, or overnight.
Power Paws Staff
Chief Dev. Officer
Mrs. Elaine Starks
Meg Flynn
Programs Director
Jessa Parker & Isabel Isaacson
Head Trainer
Elaine Starks
Chief Development Officer
Power Paws Life Skills and Literacy Programs

Power Paws works with at-risk readers in schools across the Phoenix valley. Students from Coronado High School's Life Skills program come to our facility to work with the dogs.
Service Dog Etiquette
Puppy Raisers cover the cost of raising their puppy, including health clearances. After completing an application, the next step is to meet with a Trainer or Staff Member for raising instruction and a home inspection.
It is best to assume that any dog in public is a working dog, even if they are not wearing a cape/vest. If a service dog is with their partner they are working, and it is best to not distract them from their job.
Treat a service dog like you would any other piece of medical equipment, such as a wheelchair. Do not speak directly to the dog, try to get the dog's attention, and avoid staring at the dog.
Speak to the handler, we typically love to hear compliments about our dog's behavior.
Power Paws Gift Wrapping
Volunteer Coordinator:
Dawn Spaulding
This is a donation based fundraiser. We have a table at Old Navy in Desert Ridge Shopping Center. Gift wrapping is free for shoppers, and donations are highly appreciated. You can sign up for shift to help wrap gifts on signup.com.
Jazz & Gunner are the parents of our second Y Litter.
7 puppies: 2 females & 5 males born 04/02/2017
Boys: Yager, Yankee, Yarnell, Yosemite, & Yukon
Girls: Yin and Yoshi
Power Paws Youth Programs
Laura Galante
Please REMOVE yourself from Signup if you're unable to attend.

This is especially crucial for overnight signups.
Additional training is required to spend the night at Power Paws. Please schedule this at least several days before you plan to stay.
Laura Galante
Intérim E.D.
Released / Career Changed Dogs
Occasionally Power Paws has dogs that decide that service work isn't for them. We seek an alternate working career or help them find their purpose as a loving family member.
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