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Organic Food

Mobile App?

Krystal Futter

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Organic Food

Presented by:
Krystal Futter
Ying Huang
Lu Yin
Evisa Pirra
Zehrah Zuberi
Die Hu Organic Food Discussion Question: Is this mobile channel just a novelty
in organic food channels or does it
have the potential to be a major force
for change in the channel structure? Certification includes inspections of farm and processing facilities, detailed record keeping, and testing of soil and water to ensure that growers meet the strict standards set by certifying bodies and government. Organic Food Consumer Profile 1) Age
- Ranges from the health-conscious teenagers,
to concerned mothers, to aging baby boomers
2) Income
- All income ranges (average 60k-80k)
3) Ethnicity
- Diverse groups (not only Caucasians)
4) Gender
- 60% are female
5) Education
- 51% of women and 42% of men have
post secondary education Why Mobile Channels Work 1) Our customers are mobile
- 70% of all Canadians have a cell phone
- With over 90% in major urban centers

2) New trend: Purchases via mobile devices
- Change in consumer attitudes and
buying habits
- Improvement in mobile technology Mobile App They are no longer the stereotyped sixty's flower child. They are trendy, technology advanced people!!

Responding to the growing demand for local food, their goal of revolutionizing the way cities feed themselves, while staying ahead of the curve with Apps. What does "Certified Organic" mean? Conclusion - Customer account

- Order, cancel, and modify functions

- Customer order history

- Accessibility to Blog

- Pickup locations

- Notifications when the order is ready

- Customer feedback

- Company's information and product updates

- Suggested recipes LUFA Farms - Early discussions with friends bloomed the novel idea

- Grow fresh produce in the city in a safe and responsible way

- In 2011, Mohamed Hage's idea became a reality
- The world's first commercial rooftop greenhouse
- 31,000 sq. foot hydroponic facility
- Summer: 450 to 750 kgs
- Winter: 360 kgs - Available by 12-week subscription registration
- Choose a size of basket (varies from $22 to $42)
- Delivered each week to a network of 50 drop off points
- Cutting out retailers guarantee delivery the same day it's harvested LUFA Farms Process Social Media Network - Facebook
- Photos
- Recipes
- Organic ideas
- Daily updates - Twitter
- Bilingual Tweets
- Photos & videos
- News
- Instant interaction (followers) - Blog
- Mainly news articles
- Updated weekly Traditional Channels Open Air Markets Wholesaler Organic Food Shops Supermarkets Organic Farmer Consumer LUFA's Channel LUFA Farm Consumer QC Local Organic Farms - Closer
- Quicker
- Fresher
- More Direct
- More Convenient
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