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Culture And Lifestyle of China

No description

geraldyn palacio

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Culture And Lifestyle of China

The Culture And Lifestyle
Of China
The lion dance

The lion dance is a popular dnace in china.
They do the lion dance in the Chinese new
year celebrations and other important occasions.
They are four-legged creatures .And are made of
colorful papier-mache and fabric and are controled
by two people.The Lion dance is said to drive away
the evil spirits and bring good luck and happiness. Population Growth
To control population growth,China's govenment
enacted a policy in 1979 that encouraged families
to hace no more then one child.In 2005 china's
population passed 1.3 billion.The greatest challenge
is finding lobs for many young people who enter
the workforce each year. Where people Live
The people in East Asia live crowded
together in river valley and basin or on coastal
plains.The land and climate are highly favorable
for agriculture and industry.North Central China has a
population densite of more than 1,000 people per square.
Few people in live in East Asia's interior which is mountainous
and has little vegetation and has a population density of only
four people per square mile
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