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'to be' Form & Function of the Present Tense

This Prezi introduces the basic form and function of the present tense of the all important verb 'to be.'

Matthew Deal

on 19 April 2014

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Transcript of 'to be' Form & Function of the Present Tense

'to be' Form & Function of the Present Tense
The verb 'to be' is one of the most common verbs
in English.
Present Tense forms of 'to be'
(1st Person) I am ...
(2nd Person) You are ...
(3rd Person) He, she, it, there is ...
(1st Person) We are ...
(2nd Person) You all are ...
(3rd Person) They, there are ...
Example Sentences expressing Nationality
(1st Person) I am Chinese.
(2nd Person) You are French.
(3rd Person) He is American.
(1st Person) We are Chinese.
(2nd Person) You all are Dutch.
(3rd Person) They Canadian.
'to be:' The being & Linking Verb!
'to be' expresses identity, mood, place, age, nationality, occupation, weather, physical & mental attributes, social status, and much other information.
'To Be' Expresses Mood
I am happy when I cook lasagna.
'To be' Expresses Age
She is in her late 80s.
'To Be' expresses occupation.
Jack is a stunt man.
'To be' expresses occupation.
He is a street preacher.
'To Be' Expresses Place/Location
You all are in China.
'To be' Expresses Weather
It is clear & sunny.
'To be' Expresses Characteristics.
He is compassionate.
'To be' expresses social status.
They are at least middle class.
'To be' can also express time.
It is time to go, since it's 4:30 PM.
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