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What will happen if we keep Polluting ?

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Tommaso Simone

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of What will happen if we keep Polluting ?

By Tommaso Simone.
What will happen if we keep Polluting ?
Catastrophe 3: Extreme flooding.
Antarctica is one and a half times larger then USA. If all the ice in the south pole melts, all the water will have nowhere to go but the ocean. Causing a MASSIVE rise in sea levels (up to 70 meters), thus causing extreme flooding. Entire cities could be flooded.
Chances are, if we keep polluting, our ice caps will melt. The earth has risen only 0.85 °F in the past 100 years. But if we keep polluting at the rate we are now, the earth could rise to a maximum of 11.5 °F during the 21st century! This would cause catastrophic effects.
The following catastrophes will range from bad to worst.
Catastrophe 2: More heat.
The earth will have to be incredibly hot to melt the ice caps. Sadly, after they do melt, the earth will keep getting hotter. The ice caps are a light color, so they reflect heat. If they melt, all of that heat reflecting goodness will blend in with the dark heat absorbing sea. Causing the ocean to heat up more.
Catastrophe 1: Tsunamis
If the ice caps heat up too much, large chucks of ice could break off and create underwater landslides of ice. This will displace water and create a powerful tidal waves that will keep getting bigger and bigger and could string together and form 1 big tsunami.
If the ice caps melt completely, there will almost certainly be a catastrophe(s). This catastrophe could have the potential to threaten the existence of the human race. We need to cut down the amount of green house gasses in our atmosphere.
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