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Copy of Hidden Talents - Story Elements

No description

Jeanne Morgan

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Hidden Talents - Story Elements

Plot - what happened in the story from beginning to end.

Climax - the point of highest interest in the story. Hint: This is usually the part where the main character goes through PERSONAL CHANGE.
The book, "Hidden Talents" took place in... (year, time of day, season, location)

The topic of the book was....
The author's life lesson in this story...
Falling Action - the action in the story AFTER the climax.

In the end,...
Protagonist = the main character
Minor Characters = other Characters in the story
Antagonist = the character in conflict with the main character

Martin Anderson
All the teachers and the principal at Edgeview were antagonists.
Initial Problem: Martin was sent to Edgeview because he had issues in public school.
Martin helps his friends use their special power for the good, and they decide to come together to save the school.
Martin causes trouble at Edgewood with his teachers.
Rising Action: events leading to the climax
Martin and his friends sneak out and go to the arcade.
Martin researches the special powers of his friends and shares the information with them.
They find out the school may be closing at the end of the year.
Together Martin and his friends figure out Bloodbath's plan to ruin the school.
Together Martin and friends stop Bloodbath.
Flinch, Lucky, and Cheater all help Martin realize he has a special talent, too.
The board decides to leave Edgewood open with specific guidelines for exiting the program, and Martin ends up going home.
Martin is interviewed about the Edgewood
and he uses his talent to tell the truth.
All people have special talents, you just need to look deep within yourself.
Current day, Edgewood Alternative School, winter, school year.
Bloodbath, Torchie, Cheater, Lip, Hindenberg, Lucky, Trash, and Flinch.
Beginning of the story which includes the setting, main characters and the initial problem.
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