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Found Poems

No description

Kathy Bahlmann

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Found Poems

Found Poems
created by
words, phrases, and whole passages
from sources
by re-framing: spacing and lines,
and adding or deleting text,
thus imparting new meaning.

Ideas for Found Poems
Discovering a Found Poem
The Heart of a Nation
Key Words and Phrases
Creating Poems
Language Arts
Social Studies
Choose language from non-poetic contexts
Arranging Words
How to Create a Found Poem
and Phrases
Use an oral history of a former slave, recorded by the WPA workers during the depression:

students search for descriptive language that captures the culture, the period and the emotions of the narrator

Use these words and phrases to create your poem
Students read the selection individually.
Underline key words or phrases from the reading that capture the essence of the essay.
Examples: the heart of a nation, tragedy, death, souls
Use key words/phrases, write a "poem" that need
not rhyme, but maintains a poetic ring
Use devices such as alliteration
Groups read your completed poem aloud make
sure it sounds good to your ear.
Select a person to present the poem to the class.
them into poetry
like an artist’s collage.
Identify 15 to 20 words/phrases in order

Choose powerful, moving, meaningful or interesting words/phrases.

Circle, highlight or underline the
Start poems with a strong word or phrase

Honor the author’s original word order

Decide which phrases require emphasis

Do not add your own words to the poem
Finding Words
Listen to your
In Science, students could jigsaw a chapter and create a found poem to share with the class to teach their classmates about the section.
Use picture books to create found poetry.
Glean choice literary snippets from the chosen book.
Explore the meaning of the words/phrases
Consider figurative and connotative meanings.
Recreate the words forming them into a new poem.
Analyze the impact of sound on meaning
Exploring devices such as alliteration.
The word went out
And cut the heart of a nation
In Math, students could
make a geometric shape
of mathematical terms
from a chapter as a
found poem.
Re-read the group's selected chunk of text individually and purposefully
Underline the strongest most
powerful or meaningful words or phrases.
and Phrases
Found Poem

Cut out the dull, or unnecessary

Listen to the tone that details and diction convey.

Use words that best communicate the message

Read aloud as you arrange the words!

Test possible line breaks by pausing slightly.

Arrange words so they make a good rhythm.
The Word went out
And cut the heart of a nation.
In endless places crowded and sparse,
We cried--
fighting the word.
But, the word came roaring back.
And disbelief dissolved in tears.
The death of a single man crowded our souls,
And flooded our hearts.
A great shadow fell on the land--
A great slowing down and a great stopping.
The New York Stock Exchange stopped, just stopped.
The Boston Symphony Orchestra--
stopped a Handel concerto, and started a Beethoven funeral march.
In a town called Dallas a nightclub closed
By a mourner called Jack Ruby
The Word Went Out
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