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Which liquid stains on eggshells faster, coffee, tea, or col

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daniella alfonso

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of Which liquid stains on eggshells faster, coffee, tea, or col

1. Spread the cups out on a flat surface.
2. Label each Coffee, Coke, and Tea.
3. In each cup their will either be Coffee, Coke, or Tea.
4. Place an eggshell in each cup.
5. Start timing on stopwatch.
6. Every 30 seconds pick up eggshell to see if it is stained. If stained remove out of cup and stop timing. If not continue until stained.
7. Repeat steps 1-6 2 more times.
8. Record data on a chart for trials 1-3.
-9 eggshells
-2 liters of coke
-3 tea bags
-Cuban coffee
-9 cups (plastic)
-paper towels
Which liquid stains on eggshells faster, coffee, tea, or cola?
By: Daniella Alfonso and Victoria Muñiz
Written Analysis
When the three eggshells were placed into the coffee, tea, and coke, the eggshell that was placed in the coffee was stained after 30 seconds. The coke after 60-90 seconds was slightly stained. The tea, even after 120 seconds, was not stained.
If we leave the eggs in the substances for 30 seconds then,only the coffee will be stained.
Independent Variable
the length of time the eggs are in the substances.
Dependent Variable:
the staining
the substances
Conclusion pt. 1
In this experiment we investigated what could stain eggshells faster coke,coffee,or tea. By placing the eggshells in the substances we could determine which one could stain in a matter of seconds.The hypothesis was supported by the data in which the coffee did stain faster. In the hypothesis we estimated that the coffee would stain in 30 seconds. After placing the eggshells in the coffee after 30 seconds (for all three trials) the coffee was stained.To top it off the coffee does stain the fastest.
Conclusion pt.2
After 30 seconds we were suprised that the cofee had already stained, but we were also suprised by the conclusion of tea not staining at all. The hypothesis was supported.
After 120 seconds the only two that were stained was coffee and coke. According to another source, the coffee did stain after 30 seconds. The intensity of stains ranged from 3 to 1. 3 being stained and 1 being not stained. Coffee would be classified a 3. Coke could be classified a 2, and tea a 1.
Conclusion pt.3
For our experiment we can conclude that coffee will stain the quickest. Most people say that, yes, coffee does stain the quickest on most things, for example a shirt, or teeth. The findings of this experiment can be useful in the real world such as when someone drinks coffee, tea, or coke. After a couple of seconds the coffee could stain your teeth. On clothing coffee is known for leaving hard to remove stains. Now it is proven.
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