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The Wright Brothers


chengma ehanzheng

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of The Wright Brothers

Older brother is Wilbur Wright and the younger brother is Orville.

First interested in aviaton when their dad bought them a toy helicopter.

A tragic crash by a German glider caught their attention and encouraged them to solve the problem of manned flight.

They opened a bike shop in 1892

They first started experimenting with kites.

Economic Impact
Social Impact
Places that were unreachable by horse and boat were now in reach.

Wars have changed with airplanes involved.

The mail system became faster and

The brothers ushered the whole world into the age of flight.
The Wright Brothers
by Ethan and Cheng

The Wright Brothers invented the first human manned airplane.

Progressed the industry of aviation.

Recieved many medals and even the from the president.
They built the wind tunnel in 1901.

Their first flight lasted 12 whole seconds!
The Wright Brothers are very good people
They took legal action against several manufacturers using their invention for profit.
They allowed people imitating their idea but not for their own profit.
Planes affected the economy in the World wars.
Merged with the Curtiss Firm in 1929
Transportation was made cheaper.
Now the whole world uses planes for their needs.

The invention of planes would forever change the world.

Planes makes transportation and trading much easier.

The Wright Brothers were Captains of Industry by making the world a smaller place.
Impact on America Today
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