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Contrary to what many teachers may think, most STUDENTS consider listening to be very complicated. What does this contradiction tell us? Maybe, when teachers say, “listening is easy to teach”, what we really mean is: “It does not require much preparati

Thomas Baker

on 15 February 2011

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SKILL TO TEACH? How can teachers help students improve their listening? What is listening? Listening defined:
The process in which a listener receives speech sounds and tries to attach meaning to the spoken words in an attempt to understand the intended Listening: A process in which a listener receives speech sounds and tries to attach meaning to the spoken words. Listening: The ability to identify and understand what others are saying. Microskills of listening Predicting Guessing unknown words & phrases without panicking. Using one's own knowledge Identifying relevant points Retaining relevant points: Recognizing discourse markers:
Oh; well; another thing; now; first;
lastly; in conclusion, however; etc. understanding stress & intonation understanding speaker's attitude understanding inferred information Listening Problems The Message The Speaker The Listener The Physical Surroundings Classify the problem:
Physical Surroundings? You get "left behind":
Trying to work out what
a previous
word or phrase meant important words unknown different accents fast speaking background noise Trying to understand every word Classmates talking SOLUTIONS? STAGES OF A LISTENING LESSON PLAN Pre-Listening While Listening After Listening Task:
Prepare a 3-stage listening lesson plan http://bit.ly/fRewUR http://bit.ly/eSrpuz http://bit.ly/hf6xAZ Purpose: There is always
a purpose for listening. Conclusion Purpose 3 Stages Pre-listening While Listening After Listening Listening Practice We will discuss after you finish listening The Gist & Detail Technique I'm all ears. I'm not listening Do you hear me? I can't hear you. Is he listening to Mozart? Copy the listening vocabulary. Activate prior knowledge Motivate / Create interest Pre-teach important / essential vocabulary Predict Tick mentioned items Put events in order Correct information that is wrong Copy information Retell Research & report Compare & contrast Act / Sing / Draw Debate First While-Listening Activity: Gist Task: The general idea Second While-ListeningTask: Listen for details True- False Questions Multiple choice questions Gist Task Detail Task
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