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Meeting presentation with Kockum Sonics

No description

heeoog Kim

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Meeting presentation with Kockum Sonics

Project Experience
Project / Idea
Job shop problem by
Aircraft landing planning
by Generic Heuristic
Possible projects
Given data set
Work Samples
What do we expect?
Stefan Røpke

Learning tool from Kockum Sonics
Dealing with real problem (given data set)
Analytic research
Understanding how a container stowing system is operating
Contact Info
email :
Heeoog Kim : s094288@student.dtu.dk
Rasmus Albers: s082786@student.dtu.dk
Based on a prezi by Bruce Kim
Container package
Container stowage planning
Dealing with the problem of container stowage at containerships
To determine a valid containers arragement
reduce the number of rehandlings of containers
Minimize the ships idle time
This problem can be solved by Meta-Hueristic
Loadmaster X5
Find better solution
Rasmus & Bruce
< Test the programming by using Loadmaster>
<Coding by Java>
< Given data set >
< Job shop problem >
A number of jobs have to be processed on a number of machines

The order is fixed

Minimize the total processing time

Method: Meta heuristic - Tabu search
MS'c students
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