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The History of Lindenhurst, New York

No description

Erik Eve

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of The History of Lindenhurst, New York

801 Granada Parkway, Lindenhurst, NY, 11757
The History of Lindenhurst, New York
Huntington Farmers
Huntington farmers of English origin were the first white people to discover the territory in the 1600s. An abundance of salt hay was growing in our marshland and that's what they came in search of.
Land Treaty
The Huntington farmers needed land in order to start up their new settlement. In 1657, Jonas Wood and his neighbors, all Huntington farmers, signed a treaty with the Secatogues for five necks of land including Santapogue Neck (now Venetian Shores). A short time later Little Neck was acquired, which is the land west of the Lindenhurst Canal.

The Beginning
Back then it was not called Lindenhurst, it was named Neguntatogue, which means, "forsaken land." This was the time when Secatogue and Massapequa tribes roamed the woods in search of food.
Thomas Wellwood, an Irishman, and his wife Abby, had bought some acreage as early as 1861. After the railroads arrived, they bought vast amounts of land. They owned so much land that the trains timetable said Wellwood Station. Wellwood met a man by the name of Charles S. Schleier from Breslau Germany. Schleier had a dream of making a "place where German immigrants can live and work". Schleier had sold the idea to Wellwood to name their land the "City of Breslau".
" The City Of Breslau"
"The Breslau cooperative Building Association"
The founders
in city people on trains
in hopes of purchasing
property and building
Formation of Lindenhurst
In 1891, the small village's name was officially changed to Lindenhurst. In 1923 it was changed again to the Incorporated Village of Lindenhurst.
Breslau Fire Department
In 1877 the Breslau Feuer Wehr was formed. They wanted this Fire Department because of the rapid growth of people and jobs. Four years later, the name was changed to Breslau Engine Company. This was the same year the Union Hook and Ladder Company formed. In 1884 the Library Hose Company was formed. By 1885, these three companies formed the Breslau Fire Department.
Schools in Lindenhurst
The Huntington farmers created the first schoolhouse in Lindenhurst. Along with that they created the present public school system in 1841. In 1870, the German settlers created another schoolhouse on school street, and another school house in 1876.
The early settlers of Lindenhurst brought their religion with them. The first Catholic Church was built on June 21, 1870. The Lindenhurst Village's first parochial school was completed in 1913. Another church popped up on August 28, 1872, it was a Lutheran Church located on as we know now, West John Street. On September 19, 1927, Grace United Methodist Church was founded. The assembled group of Bethel Baptist Church, the first Baptist Church, was formulated in 1942. In 1951, the St. Boniface's Episcopal Church was organized.
This photo of South Wellwood Avenue, near Gates Avenue was taken in the early 1900s
Jewish Congregation
The Jewish Congregation called "Neta Szarschea" Was founded by a group of religious people in 1874. The Jewish Congregation was later replaced by the Lindenhurst Hebrew Congregation on December 18, 1913. "Neta Szarchea" was around for only a brief number of years.
Old photo of Irmisch's corner on the Southeast side of Wellwood Avenue & Hoffman Avenue in the 1840s
No Settlement
Current Mayor:
Previous Mayors
Thomas A. Brennan

Nazism in
Nazi sympathizers were centralized in Lindenhurst in the 1930s. The German American Bund made its way to Lindenhurst. Many of the Lindenhurst members were convicted of treason. In 1937, about 40,00 bundists would arrive in Lindenhurst on Sundays to celebrate Nazism in America. They would also march through the streets of Lindenhurst that same year.
Map of Lindenhurst, NY drawn by Rene Cinquin and published by Metropolitican Aero-View Co in 1926. It shows the railway lines and labeled streets. The map also includes businesses.
Below are pictures of the American Venice development on the border of Copiague and Lindenhurst. This area exists today at the corner of Montauk Highway and Riviera Drives, East and West.
The image below is of Wellwood Ave, looking North. It shows houses and buildings from the 1800s
This theater opened on December 25th, 1948 with "Tap Roots" under the Prudential Theater Circuit, a Long Island exhibitor. It had 625 seats on the main floor and 140 in the loge. It was located on the corner of Montauk Highway but closed down recently on July 18th, 2002 with "The Sum Of All Fears." This was only movie theater on Long Island that had $0.99 movie on Fridays.
Many years after the discovery there was still no settlement established.
Famous People From Lindenhurst
Jack Barry
Jack Barry is a famous game show host. He was also valedictorian at the High School.
Jack Barry was the host of and
Twenty One
Pat Benatar
Pat Benatar is a rock and roll singer that grew up in Lindenhurst and attended High School there.
Pat Benatar is a four-time Grammy winner. Her songs include the Top Ten hits;
"Hit Me with You Best Shot,"

"Love is a Battle Field", "We Belong",
Joy Behar
Joy Behar was once a teacher at the Lindenhurst High School.
Joy Behar is a
comedian, writer, actress
, and was a co-host of the show
The View.
She hosted
The Joy Behar Show
, and
Joy Behar: Say Anything!
Hal Hartley
Hal Hartley is a film director and a Lindenhurst Native.
He is a screen writer, producer, and composer. He is best known for his films "Trust", "Amateur" and "Henery Fool"
Linda Morand
Linda Morand was born in Lindenhurst. She is a famous model.
Lindenhurst Today
Morand was a cover-girl and haute couture mannequin during the 60s and 70s.
Eileen Moran
Eileen is a Lindenhurst native that works in visual effects.
She is the producer at Weta Digital and Digital Domain. She co- produced
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
Dan Lauria is a actor that resided in Lindenhurst. He played the father from the Wonder Years.
Early On
Joe Lhota
Joe Lhota was the former New York City Deputy Mayor. He was also the MTA chairman and Republican mayoral candidate.
Joe Lhota was born in the Bronx however, Lindenhurst is where he grew up
Memorial Library
Established on July 1st, 1953
On March 10th, 1945,
it was decided that
the library would
be built to pay tribute
to its World War II veterans.
The buildng we now have was not the
original site for the library. The library
was moved to its current location on
Pearl Harbor Day, December 9th, 1969.
Even back when it was
first established, the
library had story hours
for kids and movie screenings, just like
the activities the
library has for many
people to take part in
Huricane Sandy's Impact on Lindenhurst.
During October of 2012 Lindenhurst was and its community was out to the test by Hurricane Sandy. This storm left residents of Lindenhurst with not only physical but economic problems as well. The storm left Lindenhurst in one of the worst conditions on of of Long Island. Residents faced either little damage or damage as big as losing their homes.

The residents north of Montauk Highway had a less
severe impact then the rest of Lindenhurst. Those residents lost power for up to a week after three storm. Also a few trees in that area lost branches and limbs. Although north of Montauk had problems, south of Montauk Highway is where the real damage occurred. Power lines fell, trees ripped from the ground, and water damage. So many homes threw away many of their belongings due to flooding. Not only did they lose power for over a month, the streets in that area were flooded and many houses were destroyed. Shore Road was one of the places that was hit hard. That road was closed for or a week.
The Damage
How Lindenhurst
A major part of Lindenhurst's recovery was Camp Bulldog. Camp Bulldog was a group of volunteers that helped by giving food, supplies, warmth, and care to those affected by the storm. Almost the entire town pitched in to help those in need. Although this hurricane destroyed homes and the town the community as a whole grew as they worked together to rebuild Lindenhurst and recover form Hurricane Sandy.
Lynda Distler (2000- 2004)
Roy Mathison (1999- 2000)
Thomas H. Kost (1973- 1975)
Charles J. Cowen (1965- 1973)
1965- 2004
Lester I. Kahan (1963- 1965)
Ernest D. Scott (1961- 1963)
Joseph F. Bassano Sr. (1959- 161)
Joseph P. Spellerberg (1955- 1959)
1955- 1965
Alex Jaeger Jr. (1951- 1955)
Milton Turk (1947- 1951)
John C. Blankenhorn (1941- 1944)
Walter B. Wellbrock (1937 -1941)
1937- 1955
Charles Heling (1931- 1937)
Walter B. Wellbrock (1929- 1931)
George W. Irmish (1927- 1929)
Gustave M. Hahn (1923- 1927)
1923- 1937
First Mayor:
Gustave M. Hahn
(1923- 1927)
Racial Makeup In the Village
Census in 2010
27253 people
Population density was 7248.1 people per square mile (2,864.3/km )
In 2010 there were 8,638 households in the village with 3.17 people per house
there were 6,665 housing units with 15.1% being multi- unit structures.
The home ownership rate was 86%
Median Value of owner-occupied homes was $392,100
3.6% of houses were vacant
20.75 of houses were occupied by renters
the average household size was 2.92
median income for a house was $85,345
the per capital income was $31,275
2.9% of the population was below the poverty line
Ages In The 8,638 Homes
Population ages
92.1% White
1.5% African American
0.1% Native American
1.9% Asian
0.0% Pacific Islander
2.6% from other races
9.7% Hispanic or Latino
the village was 85.8% non- Hispanic White
37.6% had children under the age of 18
26.5% had people over 65
58.2% were married couples living together
12.2% had a female householder without a husband
24.4% were non- families
8.1% had someone over 65 living alone.
the average family size was 3.35
5.0% of the village population was under the age of 5
22.5% under the age of 18
6.3% from 20- 24
26.1%from 25- 44
30.2% from 45- 64
12.1% over 65
The average age was 40 years old
95.2% of the population had lived in the same house for at least 1 year
13.0% of the entire population were foreign born
16.1% of residents at least 5 years old did not speak English at home.
88.3% of residents at least 25 years old had graduated from high school
21.2% of residents at least 25 years old had a Bachelor's degree or higher.
The mean travel time to work for workers aged 16 and over was 31.2 minutes.

from the movie
soundtrack "Legend of Billie Jean"
Love is a Battlefield
Hit me With Your Best Shot
The first Lindenhurst Police Department was formed only a year later. Unfortunately, the police department was incorporated into the Suffolk County Police Department in 1960.
First Police Force
Population Facts!
Lindenhurst's population is over 27,000.
Lindenhurst population is the largest village in Suffolk county, and New York State's 4th
largest village.

The Day Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig came to Lindenhurst
On a cold October day in 1930, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, and a few other Yankees visited Lindenhurst to play an exhibition baseball game against Addie Klein's Lindenhurst Nine. They played at Meridale baseball park at West Montauk Highway and South Second Street. Over 4,000 fans came to watch the Lindenhurst Nine be beat 10-4. You can find a baseball signed by Babe Ruth in the Old Village Hall museum on Wellwood ave.
Lindenhurst High School is home to over 2,000 kids from 9th to 12th grade. This includes the Village of Lindenhurst and also North Lindenhurst. The principal is Daniel E. Girodano and assisant principals are James Campbell, Linda Flannelly, and Derek Schuelein. There are about 180 faculty members currently working in the High School.
Over 1,400 kids learn everyday at Lindenhurst Middle School from 6th to 8th grade. Along with that there is a staff of about 140 men and women. Frank Naccarato is the principal and assistant principals are John Andruszkiewicz, Leonard DiBiase, and Dr. Bruce Hoffman. Patricia Natale is an administrative assistant for discipline also known as a dean.
At Harding Avenue Elementary School, there is about 360 kids, grades K through 5th, and 22 staff members. The principal is Brian Chamberlin.
Alleghany Elementary School educates about 340 kids from K to 5th grade. The principal is Laura Newman and along with her is 31 faculty members.
Albany Avenue is an elementary school who has grades K through 5th, with about 430 students. There are approximately 37 staff members and Lisa Omeis is the principal.
Daniel Street Elementary School is grades K through 5th. It currently has 570 students and 46 staff members. The principal is Linda Domanico.
William Rall Elementary School is grades K through 5th. Farrah McKenna is the principal and there are 560 students. There is also 43 faculty.
Grace United Methodist Church
This Church offers faith
services to all of the families
of Lindenhurst. They also run
a food pantry, thrift shop, pastoral counseling, outreach committee,, and a prayer study group. For church memebers they offer baptisms, marriages, funerals, and community event meetings.
Also a large hall is available for rent to hold meetings. This
church has been in Lindenhurst for a very long time. The
things it has done for the community are unforgettable
and we hope they stay for a very long time.
There are many sports programs offered in Lindenhurst.
Breslau to Lindenhurst: Photographed
The American Venice
These are the track and field records of Lindenhurst High School in the 1960's
This is Lindenhurst's 1965 logo and mascot. It is still the same today.
Fun Facts
Lindenhurst is the 4th largest village in New York State

Lindenhurst is larger than 39 of the 62 cities in New York

Latitude and Longitude- 40.686N, -73.373W

Elevation of Lindenhurst is 30 feet
The Founding
Lindenhurst was found by Huntington farmers of English Origin

They came in search of salt hay

It was named Lindenhurst for the Linden trees growing in the area
Life in Lindenhurst
The population growth from 2000 to 2012 has has a 1.16% increase

The average house price in Lindenhurst is $269,100

Lindenhurst's cost of living is 37.20% higher than the U.S. average

There are about 12.5 students per teacher

Lindenhurst schools spend $13,638 per student

Unemployment rate is 7%
Jobs have decreased by 1.47%

Breslau Railroad Station
Photos of American Venice back then
Currents photos of American Venice
American Venice is a community located on the border of Copiague and Lindenhurst on the south shore of Long Island. It was built in the 1920's to reflect the romance and architectural detail of such a unique European city. There are still the remains of what was once a gazebo constructed on an island at the head of the canal that we overlook. Also, there are still two winged lion columns which replica ones at Piazza San Marco in Venice.
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church
OLPH was founded in 1871. It is a parish that many catholic residents attend often between religion class, attending mass, and getting reconciliation. This church helps tremendously throughout the community from helping give out food during sandy, collecting clothes for the less fortunate, etc.
Venetian Shores
Venetian Shores is the local beach
that the residents of Lindenhurst attend.
It is a local hotspot for kids and adults alike as it has a beach hut, a water park, safe water to swim in, and great sand to relax in. During the summer, the Summer Concert Series is performed at Venetian Shores. Across from the Shores is also a park for kids, a tennis court, a soccer field, a football and lacrosse field, and more! Venetian Shores is located at 850 Venetian Blvd.
Venetian shores was orginally the Secatogues territory. In 1657, Jonas Wood and his neighbors purchased Venetian Shores which was called Santapogue Neck at that time. Today, Venetian Shores is the local beachthat the residents of Lindenhurst attend.It is a local hotspot for kids and adults alike as it has a beach hut, a water park, safe water to swim in, and great sand to relax in. During the summer, the Summer Concert Series is performed at Venetian Shores. Across from the Shores is also a park for kids, a tennis court, a soccer field, a football and lacrosse field, and more! Venetian Shores is located at 850 Venetian Blvd.
Lindenhurst Town Hall
Located on Sunrise Highway and Monroe
Avenue, The Lindenhurst Town Hall is an
extraordinary place. The Town Hall has a
beautiful pond and park, a softball field, a
little league baseball field, a concession stand, and a batting cage. This place is one of the most common places that people from all ages visit. It has a large park for the children to have fun in to a large pond to fish, watch ducks, or jog. The Hall hosts many little league baseball games with its beautiful field and hard working volunteer crew and has an enormous softball field for kids or adults. The batting cage is open for little league teams to practice in. The Hall also hosts many different events for many different occasions. You can also find a job here relatively easily as they accept nearly everyone. It is a great foundation for a great community.
Weather Records For Lindenhurst.
Record High was 107 degrees Farenheit in 2010
On average the warmest month is July
The coolest month, on average, is January
The lowest record Temperature was -3degrees farenheit n 1985
April is the usual "wettest" month.

Lindenhurst Sports Facts
Lindenhurst has oustanding sports teams and they represent our town nicely. The Lindenhurst Girls Varsity Volleyball team finished their season with a 9-4 record in the 2013-2014 season.
Geography of Lindenhurst
Lindenhurst is approximately 3.5 square miles. Lindenhurst is located 40.685400 degrees North and 73.372228 degrees West.
The garage was located on the southeast corner off Wellwood Avenue and Montauk Highway intersection. The building was demolished in March, 2012. The current building is a new bank.
Located 9 W Montauk Highway.
The small alley only had 12 lanes
A father/son league met every Sunday morning
Flooding during Hurricane Sandy
Damage caused by Hurricane Sandy
inside and out
Borders of Lindenhurst
North Lindenhurst has a border that separates Lindenhurst and Amityville to the to the West. West Babylon also borders Lindenhurst to the northeast. Also, to the Northeast Farmingdale borders the town. North Lindenhurst is bordered by the village to the South.

Map of present day Lindenhurst
Lindenhurst Public Schools
The Lindenhust Public School district is made up of eight schools in total. Five elementary schools for grades K-5 with preschool offered. One middle school for grades 6-8. Lastly, one high school for grades 9-12. Each elementary school is seperated by certain areas in Lindenhurst to determine where each child goes to school. All the schools combine together for middle and high school. Lindenhurst is known to have great public schools for children to receive an outstanding education. Not only this, but they make many friends and become more social. They become fit in physical education, become artists in art, learn to play instruments in band/chorus, learn how to build in technology, and so much more!
William Rall
Elementary School
Daniel Street
Elementary School
Lindenhurst High School
Alleghany Elementary School
Harding Avenue
Elementary School
Middle School

Albany Avenue
Elementary School
West Gates Avenue
Elementary School
West Gates Avenue is an elementary school that supports grades K-5.It has 371
students and 25 faculty members. The
principal is Donna Smawley.
Life in Elementary School
Lindenhurst Elementary Schools provide a great learning experience with a great staff in each school! All of our Elementary Schools support grades K-5 with 3-4 classrooms for each grade. Buses pick up children in the morning and drop them off after school, if they don't get a bus they must walk to school. While every classroom offers the same common core learning process, the school itself offers fun activities. Every day they have a new subject to go to. Two days of the week it is phys ed. The other three days are music, art, and library. They last for 40 minutes each. For lunch, kids are sent to the cafeteria where they can bring or buy lunch ($2.00 + any extra drink or snack). Then they are sen either outside or back to their classrooms for recess. Our Elementary schools are top notch and a great experience for any kid.
Current Village of Lindenhurst Elected Officials
Village Board Trustees
Thomas A. Brennan(Current Mayor)
Micheal A. Lavorata(Deputy Mayor)
Joan M. Masterson(Trustee
Darrel J. Cost(trustee)
Marelyn Weckerle(Trustee)
Village Justice
Hon. John Bopp
Current Board of Education
Donna Hotchman
Vice President
Mary Ellen Cullingham
Village Administration
Shawn Cullinane(Village Clerk-Treasurer)
Doug Madlon(Deputy Village Clerk)
Lou Dietz(Director Of Planning)
Claire Collins(Mayors Excecutive Assistant)
Evelyn Chivvis(Village Board Secretary)
Thomas Donato(Village Assessor)
Thomas Maher(Building/Zoning inspector)
Richard Lyman(Fire Marshall)
John Hosey(Plumbing Inspector)
Frank Rossi(Code Enforcement Officer)
Hurricane Sandy warnings
Warning about service changes at a New York City subway station
Maps of where the
Hurricane is thought to hit
Display of where Hurricane Sandy
is predicted to be
Chart of estimated wind speeds of Sandy
Evacuation warning
Shelves were completely wiped out from people buying necessities to prepare
Hurricane Sandy was the main talk
on lots of news channels before it came
and after
Estimated time of arrivals at each area
Richard Nathan
Board Members
Patricia A. Ames
Linda Aniello
Ed Langone
Valerie Mckenna
Sean Mcneill
Edward J. Murphy Jr.
Robert R. Vitellio
School Lunch
Climate of Lindenhurst
Here at Lindenhurst, we offer some of the best quality breakfasts and lunches you can find. Children can come to school early to grab a cheap and delicious breakfast if they want. For lunch, everyday the hot lunch is different, but they always offer general food in case you dont like the hot lunch like bagels or pizza. The food you receive also comes with a great amount of nutritional value mixed with vegetables and fruit. If you're still hungry, you can grab a snack! Milk and juice are offered as drinks. If you find yourself struggling on money, the school offers reduced lunch for only $0.25.
The average climate in Lindenhurst new york in the winter is about 35 degrees and the amount of precipitation is about 9.76 inches. In the spring the average temperature is 50 degrees with about 11.9 inches of precipitation, while in the Summer the average is 72.5 and 10.18 inches of precipitation. In the fall the temperature is about 52 degrees with 10.73 inches of precipitation.
Edward Bower Elementary School (Closed since June 2011)
Bower has been closed for almost 3 years now. It is the most recent school we have gotten rid of. Bower had the lowest student attendance and staff. The 5-acre property is currently for sale with many offers already given. Its 2.25 acres of athletic fields are currently being used by Lindenhurst sport leagues.
Background Information:

-Hurricane Sandy also known as "Superstorm Sandy"
-Deadliest and most destructive hurricane of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season
-Second-costliest hurricane in the United States history
-Classified as the eighteenth named storm, tenth hurricane, and second major hurricane of the year
-Sandy was a Category 3 storm at its peak intensity when it made landfall in Cuba and a Category 2 storm off the coast of the Northeastern United States
-The largest Atlantic hurricane on record with winds spanning 1,100 miles
-Over $68 billion of damage worldwide
-At least 286 people were killed along the path of the storm in seven countries
Hurricane Sandy hit Lindenhurst, NY on October 29th, 2012. It came in as a Category 2 tropical storm. The storm brought floods of 4 to 8 feet of rushing sea water. Streets were impassable and houses were immersed in water. The storm lasted until October 31st. In New York City there was a total of 53 deaths due to Superstorm Sandy.

Rescue cars and boats with local firefighters and helpers
Fires and the Fire Department
Narragansett Fire
In 2013, the Lindenhurst
Varsity Football team won
17-7 against Brentwood
Musical Opportunity's
Starting in the fourth grade, children have the option of joining chorus, band, or orchestra. We have a very wide variety of instruments (the most popular being drums.) When your in Middle School you can also try out for select chorus, or the jazz band. Music education continues until you graduate high school. By then you will most likely master your instrument. It is recommended that every child takes an instrument/chorus as it helps them for their future!
Link to Lindenhurst Schools Website
Parent Portal
Parent Portal is a new website used by Lindenhurst
that allows teachers to post the grades of students on
the website. Parents can view their child's progress reports, report cards, and current grades. The system is still new and has glitches, but is working well.
Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth in Lindenhurst
Lindenhurst Middle School
Movie Theater
1982: Chateau Le Mer
Babylon Town Hall
1957: Town Hall Ground Breaking
1958: Town Hall Construction
After Superstorm Sandy, our town came together and proved by working together we made it possible to restore and rebuild our town to the way it used to be. Curran and DiGiacomo- one of Camp Bulldog's founders- ran the effort at Shore Road Park along with the help of multiple other volunteers such as Corinna Reyes, Bruce Casagrande, and Jackie Milton, along with several others. Camp Bulldog was created after Hurricane Sandy hit to help fellow neighbors, friends, and family who were devastated by Sandy. They gave out all necessities such as clothing, cleaning supplies, food, information on help from various agencies, etc. Truckloads of donations came from West Virginia, Vermont, and upstate New York. The camp worked with volunteers from New Hampshire, Long Island Harvest, Long Island Cares, and the Salvation Army. They even received a donation from Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo of $10,000 in January. Help was also given in December of 2012 from hometown son Dan Lauria.
1958 Babylon Town Hall
Lindenhurst Schools Logo and Mascot
The Bulldog is Lindenhurst's current mascot and logo. The Bulldog is where we get our Lindy Pride from. We are the Lindy Bulldogs
Racial Difference
Plays and Musicals
White 85.8%
Hispanic 9.7%
Asian 1.9%
Every year the middle school and high school each have their own play or musical. They have auditions for any part, or you can work behind the scenes. The play/musical is open for two nights on a Friday an Saturday for anyone to come. Tickets are cheap and it is always a great show!
1887: Breslau Murder
American Venice
Past Appearance
Wellwood 1950s
Wellwood and Hoffman Avenue: 1930s
Wellwood Avenue: 1918
First National Bank of Lindenhurst: 1914
Pavillion and Dock: 1910
OLPH Church: 1910
This is present day Middle School (high school back then) around 1938.
A map of Lindenhurst New York in the 1920s
Venetian Shores
Venetian shores park is a community and recreational area located on the southern end of Granada Pkwy. This park is for residents of the Town of Babylon and is open all summer along with Labor Day weekend. The area is fitted with a small beach on the Great South Bay, picnic tables and a boat launch, and has live entertainment and music on Friday nights. The area also has a spray park, which is fitted with safe play surface made of a soft composite designed to gripped well . Venetian Shores is located down the road from Harding Avenue School.
Sandy impacted all of Lindenhurst. Power lines were falling along with poles. In the South, residents were out of power for about a week and a half. Up North some people did not lose it at all or lost it, but got it back within a day or few. Trees were ripped out of their roots and ended up blocking roads or even worst, landing on and going through houses. Flooding occurred mainly in the South where it reached unbelievable heights, making it impossible to get anywhere. Cars were immersed in water and destroyed. Water filled inside people's homes causing great damage while in other homes it got so bad, people could no longer live there and had to restore or rebuild. Rescue trucks were sent to retrieve people and bring them to safe locations during the storm.
St. John's Lutheran Church: 1905
Wellwood Station
-built on October 28, 1867
-renamed "Breslau Station" in 1870
-renamed "Lindenhurst Station" in 1891
-the station burned down on January 23, 1901
-it was rebuilt in 1902
-the 1902 station was restored in 1971 as a museum in a private location
Hurricane Sandy
Santapogue Neck
-now known as Venetian
-acquired by Jonas Wood,
a Huntington farmer, around 1657
"Breslau Feuer Wehr"
-"Breslau Fire Protection"
-formed in 1877
-in 1881, the name was changed to "Breslau Engine Company" (the name remains today)
-in 1881, the "Union Hook & Ladder Company" was formed
-in 1884, the "Liberty Hose Company" was formed
-by 1885, all three companies had combined and became the "Breslau Fire Department"
-there was a total of 44 men in the organization
Lindenhurst Police
-formed in 1892
-the department served until 1960, and was
added to the Suffolk County Police Department
-Huntington farmers built the first schoolhouse in 1841
-they established the present public school system
-the schoolhouse only had one room
-it was built on West Montauk Highway
-in 1870 German settlers built another school on School Street
-there was a new wooden school built in 1876
source: villageoflindenhurst.com
-the ground was broken for the first Catholic Church on June 21, 1870
-the first Parochial school built in 1913 to teach kids in the parish
-formal dedication ceremonies for newly built Lutheran Church on present day West John Street took place on August 28, 1872
-in 1874, a religious group founded the Jewish congregation "Neta Szarschea" which was replaced on December 18, 1913 by the Lindenhurst Hebrew Congregation
-Grace United Methodist Church founded on September 19, 1926
-Bethel Baptist Church (now First Baptist Church) congregations organized in 1942
-St. Boniface's Episcopal Church is founded in 1951
The History Of
by Kevin, Camryn, Luke, Sydney, Danielle, Katy, Coral, Matt, and Chris .....
Lindenhurst Middle School 2014

In 2009 Lindenhurst Varsity Girls
Volleyball went to finals and came in
2nd place

Camp Bulldog closed down on Sunday, April 28th after six months. A crowd of people gathered for the closing ceremony with lots of thanks. State, Suffolk, Babylon Town and Lindenhurst Villages were present and acknowledged the camp's hard work and present was also Boy Scout Troop 60 and Albany Avenue Elementary School chorus. It was one of Long Island's most successful Sandy volunteer relief efforts. It began as two residents, Robin DiGiacomo and husband Morris Hartman, serving soup from their driveway but with the help and support of multiple others, it grew into somthing great. Although Sandy was such a tradegy it showed the ability of our town to come together as community, with open arms, love, and selflessness. But the help and support did not end there. Joanne Milito, a Sandy victim but also a licensed social worker ran a support group where people could go and talk to others that are going through the same situation and problems. This group met at Harding Avenue Elementary School on Wednesdays.
High School baseball coach Mike Canobbio along with former High School wrestling coach, Joe Russo, here in Lindenhurst were inducted into the Suffolk Country Sports Hall of Fame. Canobbio had won his 500th game and Russo served as a coach with the Bulldogs from 1979-2004.
Michael Canobbio, a varsity baseball coach at the high school, through many successful years and hard work, had a field named in honor of him. On March 24th, 2012, a ceremony took place which included many speeches from people who knew Canobbio and they announced that the name of the Lindenhurst Middle School baseball field would be after him.
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