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Dorothea Dix

No description

Kumpol h

on 17 May 2015

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Transcript of Dorothea Dix

Dorothea Dix
What criticisms of American Society did the Individual have?
Most people criticized Dorothea Dix because she they believed she had no authoritative experiences to direct a volunteer corps for nurses. She also wanted to set aside money for the insane or mentally ill people; however, people thought this was a waste of money. They saw her views as wasteful and foolish.
What methods did the person use to improve American life?
She appealed to the local court and government to help the insane get more rights. Most of the methods she used to help the mentally insane and other views that she wanted through peaceful acts. She published papers and did any peaceful acts she could do to raise public awareness.
To What Extent was she obsessed with achieving an impractical goal through fanatical or impractical means?
Dix traveled to England then returning home a month later with an interest in new approaches to the treatment of the insane. Prisons at the time were unregulated with violent criminal with mixed with mentally ill. Dix visited every public and private facility she could access, documenting the conditions she found with unflinching honesty. She then presented her findings to the legislature of Massachusetts, demanding that officials take action toward reform. Her reports—filled with dramatic accounts of prisoners starved, chained, physically and sexually abused by their keepers, and left naked and without heat shocked her audience and spread a movement to improve conditions for the imprisoned and insane.
What lasting impact did her reforms have on American Society?


Arex NoEnglish Dinh
Period 1
AP U.S. History
As a result of Dix's effort, the government funded the expansion of state metal hospital in Worcester. She then went on expanding her work in different parts of the country such as New York and Rhode Island. Eventually, her work expanded across the country. After civil war, she traveled to Europe and continued to write and offer guidance to what was now a widespread movement to reform the treatment of the mentally ill. Old hospitals were redesigned new hospitals were founded in accordance with the principles she espoused. Her efforts on behalf of the mentally ill and prisoners helped create dozens of new institutions across the United States and in Europe and changed people's view in mentally ill patients.
What success did the individual have in promoting reform?
What details of the persons work made him or her an interesting historical figure?
Dorothea Dix success in promoting reform which included the helping in the establishment of the Eastern Lunatic Asylum for The Insane, which was state supported. Dix also a submitted a report to the legislative session in January 1847, establish Illinois' first state mental hospital.
During Dix's time period she helped established many hospitals in America. She has also went to Europe to talk to Queen Victoria and the pope for human rights.
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