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The Notorious Benedict Arnold

No description

Jessica Sepsey

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of The Notorious Benedict Arnold

The Notorious Benedict Arnold: Story Arc: The sixth Benedict Arnold was born Theme: Be happy with what you have Benedict Arnold was so selfish and greedy for more fame and fortune, he slowly started losing the fame he already had. When Arnold took a job as the new military governor of Philadelphia, he forgot about trying not to offend the people returning to the broken down city. Benedict Arnold was on top of the world... Compare and Contrast Characters: Was a general John André: Benedict Arnold: Flirt with the ladies Both: Very Smart He despises and desires revenge on the patriots He doesn't really care about which side he's on anymore Most of his family and loved ones are dead His family is still alive Immediately liked being part of an army Was at first unsure about being part of an army Was an officer Died known as a traitor to America; no one missed him Died a hero; was missed by many Act like gentlemen Inferences: Point of View: Told in third-person For this story it's better than first-person because you can see how the characters are described by another person http://da.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benedict_Arnold http://denira26mrach.blogspot.com/2012/01/top-10-famous-spies.html What I Loved about the Author: Author: Steve Sheinkin Presentation By: Jessica Sepsey Steve Sheinkin really was able to turn what you think to be a boring history story into a really great adventure story instead. I love how he wouldn't just talk about Benedict Arnold I also love how Steve Sheinkin adds additional maps to the story. It's great to have some visuals. http://www.amazon.com/Steve-Sheinkin/e/B001JPA91K What I Learned From The Author: I learned that a biography about a person doesn't have to be boring- it can be turned into something interesting if you don't just stick to the facts. Most of Benedict Arnold's family die and leave Benedict with a fouled family name Benedict Arnold joins the American Revolution as a LEADER; he never was a follower Benedict Arnold and Ethan Allen capture Fort Ticonderoga Starts to become more and more famous for his bravery and leadership. Goes to the Battle of Saratoga Breaks his leg Starts to feel depressed because he can't go to battles and watch his people fight Tries to regain some fame by taking a job as a military governor in Philadelphia He offends the run down city by living in luxury while the townspeople are struggling He becomes desperate and betrays America for the British Was not welcomed ANYWHERE This Hero/Traitor finally died Living in Luxury Was Rich Had tons of fame Until he craved for more and lost it all I also learned that having a story in a certain perspective can have a really big impact on what you think about the characters and settings. If this book was in first-person and was through Benedict Arnold's eyes, the story would have been full of opinions than the real truth. First-Person vs. Third-Person On Page 188, it states,"Arnold was loaded into a wagon and endured a torturous ride to Albany. Every bump in the road caused the jagged edges of his broken bones to stab the nerves and torn flesh of his open wound." If the story was in Benedict Arnold's perspective, it would have stated,"I was soon loaded into a wagon and regretted having to leave the battle that day. I was on a ride to Albany, but I don't know why I needed to go. My leg was fine; the slightest bump in the road didn't hurt my leg one bit. It would have healed easily if i had just stayed." My Favorite Paragraph: On page 50, it states,"He could turn his head and see his wardrobe full of fine clothes, and next to it a smaller built-in closet of his own design. the one just for his huge collection of shoes. Everything in the house had been built under his direction- the marble fireplaces, the wine cellar, the porch and carved pillars out front, the stables and coach house, the gardens and fruit trees, and graveled walk-ways winding down the water. The place was costing him a fortune, but it was all part of his mission to revive the Arnold name.
He needed all of it. He needed all of it, and more." What I Love About This Paragraph: The description of each object is told through many details I love how the author really emphasizes the point on how wealthy Benedict Arnold is = This one sentence was really able to make me infer the theme of the story; be happy with what you have Inferences Continued: On Page 7, it states,"Wrapping his body around the soggy wood, he rose high in the air, then swung upside down as the wheel turned, disappearing underwater. Seconds later he burst up with the wheel, dripping and smiling.
As he rose for another spin, he turned toward the line of people outside the mill. The boys grinned with admiration; the adults were in shock. The best part: they were all looking at him." For this paragraph, I inferred that Benedict Arnold loved attention and would try to do dare devilish things to get it. Compare and Contrast Stories: There was no easy way to find what certain time period the chapter was based on http://www.amazon.com/Traitor-Benedict-Arnold-wanted-Scholastic/dp/B000MQPVB0 http://classroombookshelf.blogspot.com/2012/02/2012-yalsa-award-for-excellence-in.html The Notorious Benedict Arnold: Traitor: The Case of Benedict Arnold Included additional maps for visuals Included additional maps AND pictures for visuals Both: Each chapter included a certain time period that the chapter was based on Talked about Benedict Arnold's whole life through great details. Skipped over some major details and even a few events Both told in third-person Don't just talk about Benedict Arnold Had comments from other people about certain events. Figurative Language: On page 79,it states,"To see a number of famished creatures, more like ghost than men, issuing from a dismal wilderness, with arms in their hands, was the most astonishing site that they had ever beheld." Means that the men looked so hungry and so dead that the people couldn't even recognize them anymore as humans. Also means that the army men had been enduring so much out there Figurative Language Continued: On Page 49, it states,"Benedict Arnold stood in a cemetery on the town green in New Haven, looking down at his wife's fresh grave." I can infer from this sentence that Benedict Arnold's wife Margaret was dead and she died not too long ago. On page 75, it states,"Every one of us shivering from head to foot,"said George Morrison,"as hungry as wolves." This shows that these men really were famished and were so cold on their march On page 144, it states,"Back at home, Arnold was able to catch up on some reading in his favorite subject. "General Arnold and his troops conducted themselves during their action with great firmness and intrepidity," reported the Philadelphia Gazette,"and made a better resistance than could have been expected against a force so greatly superior." More about Benedict Arnold: Characteristics: Daredevil, brave, has perseverance, stubborn, gentlemen, believes that whatever he does is always right, used to be rich and famous, etc. Life-span: January 14, 1741- June 14, 1801 There's a statue for him in the United States Military Academy at West point in a chapel, but his name doesn't show, only his dates. Brave; never give-up = Battle of Fort Ticonderoga = Battle of Quebec = Battle of Valcour Island = The Battle of Saratoga
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