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So You Want To Use Social Media?

No description

Travis Niles

on 31 August 2012

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Transcript of So You Want To Use Social Media?

Social Media, Relationships and Reputations So Which Do I Choose?! What’s this Social Networking Stuff? Social Networking sites are web based platforms that allow users to share information about themselves and connect with others, usually based on interests Is anybody using it? Over 900 Million active Facebook users
71.2% of US web-audience is on Facebook
2.5 million websites integrated with Facebook
Over 119 Million active Twitter users
90 Million Google+ Users
161 Million LinkedIn Users Why do we care? Global Facebook users collectively spend 700 billion minutes a month on the site
Twitter’s users send 150 million Tweets a day
57% of surveyed individuals talk more online than in real life
48% of young Americans get their news through Facebook Why should we use it? Observation
Outreach & accessibility
Build brand familiarity
Motivate behavior What Social Media IS Cheap, fast information sharing
Powerful influence tool
Supplement to existing outreach
Easier to track than print
Conversation with audience
Great way to get feedback
Ever evolving
Extension of your communication What Social Media Is NOT Guaranteed Success
A one-time effort
A replacement for other media types
Completely free
One way-communication
A static medium
An exact science Constructing a Good Campaign Develop formal structure for usage (if you're a business or organization)
Have a plan
Be aware of objectives and resources
Who do you want to reach?
What do you want to achieve?
Is there enough time/staff time/resources?
Make goals realistic
Compliment your physical media campaign with social tools
Be yourself! Choose by needs Where is your audience? How much time do you have? What will you use it for? Posting Do's & Don'ts Share personal & professional updates
Share events, photos, video
Share helpful tips and links
Coordinate events and meetups!
Look for a job and network
Use relaxed, conversational language
Gather feedback on products, projects, etc.
Be responsive
Be genuine and outgoing
Make new friends
Fill out your profile (pics please!) Say anything you wouldn't say in person
Write personally in the third-person.
Post for posting’s sake
Use excessive automation
Engage in headline baiting
Attempt to purchase audiences
Be careless with multiple accounts
Be afraid to reach out!
Ignore your profile Do Don’t Sources Facebook.com
Social Networking for Businesses (Rawn Shaw, Kindle Collection)
The Brand Within: The Power of Branding from Birth to Boardroom (Daymond John, Kindle)
Word of Mouth Marketing Association "Social Media Sales Impact Quantified Content" (Irfan Kamal, Ogilvy and Dr. Walter Carl)
Guidestar.org "The Rise of Social Media and the Impact of User Reviews" (David Weir, GreatNonprofits) Who doesn't want to be in on that? A 2011 study on sales generated by social media brand touch points discovered the following:
Likelihood of a spend increase: Up to 7x
Increase in weekly spending: 17%
Consumption Increase: 2x What about sales? Social Media Influences Purchase Decisions and most importantly... A 2009 survey on the influence revealed:
90% trusted recommendations from a known contact
70% trusted recommendations from a online review
Websites, print, TV not considered trustworthy Building Trust! It's your reputation - how will you use it? Recipe for building trust:
2 parts genuine, valuable content
1 part diligence
1 part strategy
1 part personal brand equity (optional)
Mix well and serve regularly. Recipe for Building Trust You can influence the decision-making process of others Be the person people turn to for advice!
Biggest social network in the world = big audience
Users spend LOTS of time on the site.
150 million users have it on mobile device
Ease of integration into websites for sharing
Ease of engagement with your brand
Advertising is evolving Facebook
Differentiation is a challenge
Confusing or disruptive updates
Separation of personal and professional posts
Longer set up time
Obtuse promotional rules
Paid promotions only
Privacy Abuse Terminology Status/Post: information you're sharing.
Like: approving of a status/post or Page; the most common form of engagement
Newsfeed: posts from your friends/pages live here
Timeline: new default layout for pages. shows post/events in chronological order
Share: shares a post from your newsfeed to your friends.
Comment: leave a note on a post
Friend: Facebook contact
Page: Professional account for businesses/organizations
Reach: used in pages, shows how many users saw your post Your Business Needs A Page
Brand your Facebook account
Block spammers
Brand your posts Track the effectiveness of your campaigns
Utilize multiple admins to manage your page and assign roles Pages allow you to: Requires timeline and individual account. Twitter
Easy to search & join conversations
Drive content to your site
Connect & share in real-time
Users can share your content with a single click
Easy to quickly find like-minded people & expand your network
Private and professional accounts have same use mechanics
Easy to get started & maintain
No distracting games or apps
140 character limit
Spammers common
High "noise to signal" ratio
Your mistake could go viral
Traffic volume may seem overwhelming
Occasional downtime due to traffic Connectivity Embed a “Like” Button on your website
Link to your Twitter
If you are a frequent blogger, add a “Share” button
http://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/like/ Terminology Tweet - your 140 character post
Follower - user who gets your tweets
Re-tweet - share a tweet with followers
Favorite - this tweet is special
Hashtag - #givescontext
Trending - when a hashtag explodes
Mention - Hey @you
Direct Message - private message Connectivity Add a follow button to your home page (for agency account) or to your individual profile
Embed Twitter widget to your site
link Facebook, Twitter accounts
Add a tweet button to share content from your site on twitter
Code available at http://twitter.com/about/resources LinkedIn
Largest Professional Network
B2B Friendly
Join conversations in topic-specific groups
Find and reach a professional audience
SEO friendly
No apps or games
Discipline required when adding contacts.
Many groups private, hard to access.
Discipline required for posting.
Some functions behind paywall
Longer set up time Terminology Like - approve!
Comment - leave a public note
Share - share this on your profile
Send Message - privately message someone
Connect - add a contact to your network Connectivity Sharing is available for newer sites and blogs as extensions or plugins
Share on LinkedIn code is available for older pages
Twitter, Facebook can be set to feed your LinkedIn
Add your LinkedIn profile to your site!
Hybrid between Facebook and Twitter
Integrated into GMail for easy use
Fully indexed by Google
G+ sharing for most sites via browser
Circles allow privacy, targeted posts
Integrated video chat, GChat Google Plus Circles: How you group your followers
+1: Like a post
Share: Share post with your Circles
Start Hang out: creates a video chat with selected followers
Hashtag: #worksliketwitter
+(Follower'sName): Reach out to a follower Terminology Connectivity Connect with us on your favorite network
Engage with our followers
Share NESEA content with your followers
Ask us questions publicly!
Arrange a meet up at a NESEA function
Start a discussion OUTSIDE of Basecamp
Notify us about upcoming functions
Share a triumph! It's Easy to Help Us Help You #be12
Slower adoption
No incentive for non-gmail users
Longer set up time
Distraction of games Your posts are included in searches
+1 and see how many others have +1'd a page via Google
Embed a +1 button on your site/blog to easily share specific content Now, interact with NESEA! Let's Get You Started Program hashtags Find our social channels on nesea.org
Share a link - it's easy
Recommend people for us to follow What About Giving? Motivates Younger Donors 10% of people aged ≥ 40 yrs gave because of social media engagement
30% of people aged ≤ 40 yrs gave because of social media engagement The Good The Bad Tools To Use Facebook.com
Seesmic or Hootsuite
Facebook for Android or iOS Tools Twitter.com
Plume for Android
Tweetcaster for iOS
Hootsuite or Seesmic The Bad The Bad The Bad #gboh
#bems tniles@nesea.org
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