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Battle of Dorchester Heights

No description

Vandana Patel

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Battle of Dorchester Heights

The Battle Of Dorchester Heights
By: Vandana Patel Why did the Battle Take Place? The main reason that the Battle of Dorchester Heights took place is because General George Washington wanted to gain control over Boston again. Boston had been taken away from the Americans by the British Forces. What is Dorchester Heights? Dorchester Heights were a set of hills south of Boston.
These hills overlooked Boston Harbor and were a perfect place for General Washington to set up his heavy artillery. Prior to Battle Prior to the Battle of Dorchester Heights General Washington's Continental army was running low on both men and armory.This was due to the heavy loss at the Battle of Bunker Hill. Prior to the Battle
In order to get a chance to get Boston back the Continental Army captured Fort Ticonderoga and Crown Point on Lake Champlain.
By doing this they captured cannons and mortar which they were very much in need of. Location/ Dates Start of Battle: March 2nd, 1776
End of Battle: March 17th, 1776

The Battle took place in Boston Massachusetts. Generals/Colonels Involved General George Washington: Commander in Chief of the American forces.
Colonel Henry Knox: Helped Washington get Arms to win Boston Back.
General William Howe : Commander in Chief of the British forces. Prior to the Battle Even though they had gained arms from the capture at Fort Ticonderoga and Crown Point it still wasn't enough.
General Washington sent Colonel Henry Knox to the north to bring them back more arms. Prior to the Battle General Henry came back with
80 sleds: Packed with cannons
Mortars The Battle Begins March 2nd - 3rd: Soldiers fired into the city of Boston from the west in the night.
General Howe was not aware who was shooting.
General Washington had soldiers point cannon on the British camps in the city. General Howe's Plans General Howe was planning on attacking the Continental Army
The weather (snow) became an issue.
The night before Howe’s attack, a storm in Boston Harbor put his plans on hold.
This same storm bought Washington more time to get the guns from Ticonderoga ready.
The power of these guns was such that the British Navy was now vulnerable to attack. Outcome of the Battle The British say they "decided to leave on their own," but really they were forced to retreat by the Americans.
Americans WIN. Casualties 0 Why were there no casualties? There were no casualties because General Howe decided to leave Boston for New York because he felt it was more important.
The British were outgunned. The British Leave In the end the British just decided to leave Bsoton for New York.
General Howe felt that New York was more important because whoever controlled New York controlled the traffic to and from Canada. Affect the Revolutionary War Gaining back Boston was a very good thing because
Gain of Territory
Boston has a Harbor: So you can see incoming ships. Overall Boston was won back without even firing one shot. Who was going to fight in the Battle The Colonists Bibliography February 5, 2013, By: No Name Stated
February 5th, 2013 By: No Name Stated
February 5th, 2013 By: -
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