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About Me

No description

Leah Nordick

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of About Me

My Life Family Birthday Facts Future Plans Dance If you say dance isn't a sport... Dance
-Lyrical-Solo last year, 1st Place
-Pointe About Me I'm an only child... do cats count??
Family Tree

Kevin & Emily Jennifer Matthew

Bernard & Rosella Carl & Ruth July 30th, 1998
I share a birthday with:
~Arnold Schwarzenegger
~Vivica A. Fox
~Henry Ford
~Hope Solo
~Joey King I plan on going to a college in Minnesota, probably Mankato, graduating, and then becoming an X-Ray Tech.
I don't think that I'll ever move, Minnesota forever!! What I Love I love the colors coral, light blue, & light purple

I love smoothies!!

I love Long Beach Island, New Jersey

I collect seashells & seaglass

I love koalas, peacocks, moose, kangaroos, jellyfish, otters polar bears, & seals Leah Nordick
Hour 2 I've been dancing since I was 4 This year our theme is Around the World
Tap-Rio DeJaniero
Elite Teacher's Class-Bollywood Dance IS a sport. Jenna is my favorite dance teacher, she's amazing. Bauer Fine Arts Academy Plus a bunch of other kids & their kids... too many to count! +Tim=Carson & Anders +Kelly=Hayden & Odin You're SO wrong. Hayden Hopkins is my idol. Sidney, 5 years old Nila, a.k.a Lil' Wafe, 6 years old Miguel Hidalgo, Father of Mexican Independence died on July 30th. In a nutshell.
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