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Hall of Fame

Creativity portafolio designed exclusively for Cornell NYC Tech MBA. It represents the skills I have applied during my professional experience combining technical concepts, digital art and fun!

Daniel Carrasco

on 14 June 2018

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Transcript of Hall of Fame

¿Secure Disposal?, some important advices...
Citi 2011
It´s time to present...
most of my creative work
Information Security Awareness campaigns designed for Citi Ecuador!
¿Are you Safe With Your Password?
Citi Ecuador 2010
Your digital figerprint will never be lost...
Citi Ecuador 2010
Content Monitoring: Be aware of your confidential information!
Citi 2011
Be Smart. Be Secure., Secure Workspace Program
Citi 2012
Before and after clicking...
Citi 2011
Working remotely?
Citi 2012
Entitlement Review: A manager´s responsibility...
Citi 2011
Social Engineering: Don´t be a puppet!
Citi 2012
Phishing: Are you taking the bait?
Citi 2012
Information Security Awareness Campaigns designed for the Ministry of Finance of Ecuador!
You are the Protagonist!
Ministry of Finance 2013
Coming soon... You will be the protagonist
Ministry of Finance 2013
Social Networking: What are you publishing today?
Ministry of Finance 2013
You are playing great! Do you protect your personal information?
Ministry of Finance 2013
Information: the most valuable asset we must protect
Ministry of Finance 2013
Would you share your password with me?
Ministry of Finance 2013
Good Idea : Bad Idea
Ministry of Finance 2013
Trivia! What would you do if...
Ministry of Finance2013
Is your password strong enough?
Ministry of Finance 2013
Protect your password campaign
Ministry of Finance 2013
Information Security Managemnt System Logo
Ministry of Finance 2013
Here we go!
Your 1st responsibility: Never but never share your passwords!
Ministry of Finance 2013
Information Security Digital Art & more...

Online Application?: ready

Resume?: ready

Creativity portafolio?: ready

Inspired by Cornell University
Made by Daniel S. Carrasco A.
MBA Applicant Cornell University 15´

Do you want to see more digital art?
I do really enjoy doing it!
1st place winner - Internal employee design contest: "The Ugly Monster"
Citiclub 2011
"Quito" Festival Invitation
Citiclub 2011

Citiclub 1st party at "The House of Rock"
Citiclub 2011
Quito Festival: Black Jack Contest
Citiclub 2011
1st Intercompany Tournament of "MiniSoccer"
Citiclub 2011
Citi Movie Awards: Initiation of new members
Citiclub 2011
The house of rock employees collage and photomontage
Citiclub 2011
Let's take a look
Let's go!
My Goal: Johnson MBA at Conell Tech!
Ithaca: A unique place where to study...
NYC: "The place" to innovate...
Cornell NYC Tech: The best place to make my dreams come true!
ok and what´s next?
A little bit about me:
Daniel Santiago Carrasco
Nationality: Ecuadorian
Main Studies: National Polytechnic School, BS in Electronics and Information Networks.
Awards/achievements: Graduated Cum laude from National Polytechnic School. “Excellence Scholarship” awarded at National Polytechnic School (2006 – 2009). Student´s Representative to the EPN Academic Council (2007-2008). President of the Student´s Council FIEE - EPN (2008 – 2009). “High Potential Employee” awarded (2011 – 2012) at Citibank N.A.
Professional Experience: Adviser to the Minister of Finance of the Ecuadorian Government (2012 – present).
Chief of Information Security and Continuity of Business Coordinator at Citibank N.A. Ecuador (2011 – 2012)
Partner and Co-founder of Viaenterprise Technologies Cía., Ltda (2010 - 2011)
Ok, let's go for it!
Dears Cornell NYC Tech,

To let you know a little bit more about me, let me introduce my self first.... well, my name is Daniel, and I´m a 27 years old Ecuadorian Professional... My biggest goal is to be a great contributor to the development of my Country Ecuador through the use of the world's best technologies... and how I am planning to accomplish this?: learning the best from the best...

I am delighted by the re-engineered Cornell´s NYC Tech MBA program, since it can really help me boost my potential to -make things happen-, bringing ideas into reality and therefore solving complex issues thanks to innovative and creative solutions.

I want to become a great positive leader of my country Ecuador not only by transforming ideas into real solutions but also by solving complex issues of the ecuadorian society, South America and consequently the World by an smart use of the new technologies such as Big Data, Cloud Computing, 3d Printing and several other...

I believe studying an MBA is an important decision in my life and I am sure that it worth it since any MBA is definitely a great opportunity to "grow up" as a leader... and Johnson MBA at Cornell Tech is definitely "the" great opportunity to "transform myself" as "the" Tech leader!

My technical background is in Electronics and Information Networks and so the Cornell NYC Tech MBA perfectly complements my technical background with core business courses, leadership training, innovation and entrepreneurial work, professional development work and so on, which, I am sure, will help me to magnify my potential, conquer my dreams and ambitions: I will be the technology leader that will make of Ecuador a developed country...

I do really see my self after obtaining ANY MBA as "Daniel Carrasco: ecuadorian leader, ecuadorian innovator, ecuadorian game changer...." BUT I know that Johnson MBA at Cornell NYC Tech will boost my potential more than that: "Daniel Carrasco: GLOBAL leader, GLOBAL innovator, GLOBAL game changer..."

Thank you so much for your time and patience by reviewing my application!

I hope to see you soon.

Best regards,
Daniel S. Carrasco A.
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