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Reflection on Video - Technology in Education

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Abbey McKervey

on 15 May 2016

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Transcript of Reflection on Video - Technology in Education

Reflection on Video - Technology in Education
My Initial View of the Use of Technology in Education
A lot of teachers don't know how to use modern technology
It can be quite expensive
It can exclude those who are unable to afford electronic devices
Students using iPads or computers within the classroom can get distracted by games or apps
Teachers cannot see what all the students are doing on devices
Problems if internet fails
Batteries on electronic devices becoming weak
Not much apps and websites for students
My Initial View of the Use of Technology in Education (cont.)
Use of eBooks reduces weight of students schoolbags
Developing students technology skills
Reduce the waste of paper from book printing
Interesting for student
Examples Include:
Go Animate
Lecture Reflection
I have learned that there are numerous amount of websites and applications students and teachers can use including .....

Negative Aspects
Positive Aspects:
Reflection On YouTube Clip
Interesting Idea:
Education is the same today as it was 100 years ago
Students sitting in rows
Facing front of classroom
Taking notes

But society has changed and developed over this period of 100 years - so why isn't the education system reflecting this
Reflection on YouTube Clip
Fear of Technology
The quote from the school principle clearly highlights how people can fear change and the introduction of new technology
We can see that his fear of using paper is a normal behaviour in the 21st century
This puts into perspective that what we may fear now, may be a norm in the future

Reflection on YouTube Video
Educational Environment
I found it very interesting that a child involved in the Hillsborough Educational Technology Programme was unaware of a 'typical' learning environment which involves students facing towards the front of the classroom. To this boy, his educational environment was:
Where he was
Who he was working with
What he was learning
Reflection on YouTube Clip
Collaborative Learning
A great use of technology in education involves collaborative learning.
Students can work together on a shared document writing notes from the class.
One student can take notes on what is written on the board while the other can take notes about what the teacher is saying
This allows the students to have a greater record of what was said and learned during class
I also found it interesting that this methodology could be applied in other contexts such as staff meetings
I believe this is a very progressive approach to education and should be used within many learning environments
Reflection on YouTube Clip
Collaborating with other schools
This approach allows students from different schools all over the world to work together through video streaming.
This idea of connecting with others can significantly develop and enhance a students learning experience
Reflection on YouTube Clip
Visiting Places
The students can visit places on the earth through the use of google maps
For example they can see the Eiffel Tower in France from the comfort of their classroom seats
Can cross time boundaries as well, exploring areas such as Ancient Rome
Can also video skype and connect with experts such a scientists, authors and farmers
There are endless opportunities for the use of technology within the education system
Reflection on YouTube Clip
Positive Aspects:
Personalised and targeted education
Increased student engagement and partcipation
Reduction of the use of paper within the classroom
Resources always available
Increased organisation
As a result of this lecture and watching this video I now stongly believe that technology should become an integral part of the learning environment. I do beileve it will take a few years for all schools to change to this technological approach but I feel that it is the way forward with regard to education.
Overall, my outlook has completely changed and I personally hope to employ some of these methods within my classroom when I become a teacher.
One area which stood out to me was the connection of classrooms from different areas in the world via Skype. I felt this teaching methodology was very captivating as students could communicate, question, learn from and teach other students who where thousands of miles away.
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