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The Luck of Roaring Camp

No description

Miruna Talpas

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of The Luck of Roaring Camp

The Luck of Roaring Camp By: Bret Harte Facts on Bret Harte Connections to
Realism Short Story Summary -This story takes place in Roaring Camp, which is a
mining settlement in California.

- Set in 1850

- Main Characters: Cherokee Sal, Stumpy, Tommy
Luck, and Kentuck When the men of Roaring Camp are faced with
a baby in they're own hands. Changes start to
stir up. The men begin to form and attachment to
the baby. At the end of the story, a flood abruptly
comes through and destroys the settlement.
This left the baby and Kentuck dead. In 1854 Bret left for California and went into
mining country on a brief trip that legend has expanded
into a lenghty participation in, and intimate knowledge
of, camp life. Harte signed with The Atlantic Monthly for $10,000
for 12 stories a year, the highest figure offered an
American writer up to that time. Bret Harte helped create the local color school
in American fiction. Realism is a faithful representation of truth in a story.
The Luck of Roaring Camp contains many connections to realism. The story contains dialect.

The characters in the story, such as Sal and Stumpy are
realistic and can be related to everyday people.

There are no scary monsters or fairies included in this
story. Realism focuses on everyday people struggling
with the harsh times of life. This relates back to the story because the men in the camp are put in charge of Luck, which is a constant learning process for all the men. Bret Harte was an American author and poet best remembered for his account on pioneering life in California. Luck of Roaring Camp (c) Wikipedia
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