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Celebrating Collaboration Coaching 2012-2013

Peer Coach Training -- adapted from Sessions 7 & 8

Tracy Watanabe

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Celebrating Collaboration Coaching 2012-2013

Session Overview Share your coaching successes and insights in the Coaching Chronicles. Look ahead to some of the changes in Collaboration Coaching for next year. Create a vision statement for next year. Celebrate your successes. Recap: Training focus Designing tasks for 21st century learning, PBL, and the Common Core Communication and coaching skills Integrating technology to enhance learning and to address Common Core standards of 2012-2013 Coaching Chronicles Reflect on their coaching and celebrate their success

Collaborate in teams to tell their coaching story using text, multimedia, photos, and other elements

Help other educators and the community learn more about coaching for 21st century learning Purpose Possible topics Before and after: A study of how coaching improved lesson planning

How I moved from supporting technology to improving student learning

The impact of Collaboration Coaching on your campus In Appreciation of Three Years of Collaboration Coaching Patty Carpenter
Shauna Hamman
Tina Jada
Bethany Ligon
Amber Moore
Jerry Paterson
Sandy Rollefstad What's your sentence? What's your sentence for Collaboration Coaching at your site? Looking ahead to 2013-2014 Taking Collaboration Coaching off of Career Ladder which means:
the CL CCs will do a PLC portfolio instead
we won't have monthly mandatory CC meetings
CC observations and paperwork are not required
CC's can receive 301 credit for Collaboration Coach PD
there is a possibility of Title IIA funds to support Collaboration Coaching New Collaboration Coaches 1 week of
Summer Bootcamp
(from Peer Coaching training module) 3 training sessions (from Peer Coaching training module) Returning Collaboration Coaches Three
Collaboration Coach Training Sessions Ed Camp;
21st century learning Smackdown with an Unconference; or a Fed-Ex PD Collaboration
Coaching will have more site ownership Coaching Chronicles This training is adapted from the Microsoft Peer Coach Training Sessions 7 and 8, developed by the Peer-Ed Team http://bit.ly/ajusdsentence Four Peaks Elementary School What did you notice about the learning taking place? What did you notice about the impact of collaboration? Desert Vista Elementary School How does Collaboration Coaching help build their learning community? Apache Junction High School Click here to view: http://bit.ly/ajhscoaching Superstition Mountain Elementary School Click link to view SmileBox: http://bit.ly/smespbl Peralta Trail
Elementary School Cactus Canyon Junior High
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