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A little bit about me

No description

Chiew Yen Thai

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of A little bit about me

Chiew Yen (You may call me Yen!!) A little bit about me Bundle of Joy to the Thai family Back to work @ Born : 15 September 1983

Where : Kuantan, Malaysia

Gender : Gal

Loves : Milk and my thumb Graduated with a degree in Material Science & Engineering from Northwestern University, IL USA

Although what i really took away from school was:

A love for Beer (all kinds) and Cheerios
Half an american accent (self-proclaimed)
Distaste for reality TV shows
And the ability to learn, learn and learn somemore Ended up on an airplane to America for college!

I joined where for 6-7 years i dabbled in: Happiest Day of my Life - 19 Jan 2013!! In a few words, my job description:

"We prepare and equip our employees to deal with large scale process and technology change through: communication, involving stakeholders, education, and aligning the organization structure to support what it’s trying to achieve. Ultimately, to ensure
the change is as seamless as possible" - CE elevator
speech Management Consulting HR Transformation Shared Services Enablement Change Management Business Process Outsourcing Grew up in many parts of Malaysia Kicking back with friends by the Northwestern lakefill After graduation, me decided me no like engineering... so... My personal mission Then I met this guy I do! Help you evaluate changes occurring from your work and mitigate risks
Help you navigate stakeholder issues in your work
Help you communicate, communicate and communicate
Be your buddy - and keep on lovin' it! Have a wonderful Friday!!
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